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  • I thought this was suppose to be a private conversation.. I still have alot to learn on this forum. Lol
    I don't know if what you do on there is dropshipping or some kind of sales (legal or illegal) that brings profit then I'm in.. I'm curious to learn and I will appreciate your kind gesture. Thanks
    I am able to learn how to setup PayPal with a random name (fake name) and recieve payment to about 1300$ before it would get limited so that shouldn't be a problem. I will be grateful if you could explain what I need to know as a newbie on how to make this work as I'm totally lost right now..
    i started reading almost everything I could over the internet and that's what leads me here... You thread catches my attention and I would appreciate if you can please give me insight as what is really working for you on this topics.. Making half of the 40k you talked about won't be a bad for me at all if you can please explain or put me through what trick works for you on ebay +Paypal
    My country economy has really affected my finance even before the pandemic (I live in Africa) and I don't think it's going to look better all through this year r next year so I thought dropshipping would be an option for me.
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