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    Card processing for UK company - non EU director

    I am planning to do a similar setup with a UK company, i am not an EU resident. Which payment processor you end up using with transferwise. Any suggestions for a payment processor that works with Payoneer account and card
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    Non-EU Noob Seeks Advice

    In average, How much does it cost to do a seychelles company setup ? Any recommended agents?
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    Transferwize/Borderless account - getting paid

    I am using them for around 6 months Transferred around 2000 eur no problems. I live in the middleast. I fully recommend them. I don't recommend them if you are dealing in any thing shady or you live in any of troubles areas
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    I need to transfer $100 000 to Canada

    You may take a look emi company like Transferwise
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    Non-EU Noob Seeks Advice

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    Cheapest way to transfer money from debit card to SEPA

    Take a look at Transferwise com It has the most reasonable rates in the market