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  • @aleksokubo The LLP is taxed on a personal basis so basically you need to keep accounting in order to pay taxes on Argentina, you only pay taxes in the UK for your expenses earned in the UK... But like most of the countries, the UK also requires an anual return.

    Most people from Argentina I help decide to go with a US company so they keep their books and pay taxes on a personal basis in Argentina (just like with the UK LLP) but it's way cheaper to keep the US company in order (way lower than those 1200 GBP)

    Keep in mind that If you don't earn too much, there is no point in having a company outside of your country
    Hello friend, thanks for your comment in my forum thread, the truth is that fosterswiss deceived me in terms of the information, now I have to present an annual accounting return and it costs me 1200 gbp.

    I read that you said that for Argentines there are other options, could you tell me which ones please?
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