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  1. Midas Gordiusson

    Private Conversations bugs

    Indeed, very annoying. The most reliable fix I've found is to copy paste the text into an editor that strips away any formatting and leaves plain text. e.g. google keep, notepad
  2. Midas Gordiusson

    Bank account opening service provider(s)?

    @mnschwarz did you identify a good US banking solution?
  3. Midas Gordiusson

    Bank account opening service provider(s)?

    @mnschwarz US will definitely work as I'm not American. Check this list to see what DTAs/TIEAs the US has signed with what jurisdiction and here to see that the US has no (zero) activated AEOI relationships. But that's just postponing/avoiding the question, and it's possible the US may sign more...
  4. Midas Gordiusson

    Bank account opening service provider(s)?

    Judging by your forum entries we have the same structure from the same provider (whose banking proposals are lacking insight). I would prefer not to use nominee account signatory. While I'm able to identify many interesting banks, there are not so readily available insights as to how they...
  5. Midas Gordiusson

    Bank account opening service provider(s)?

    I'm looking for a service provider who can help open up bank account(s). But the provider needs to know the details of how "their" bank(s) interpret and implement CRS & AEOI - not just publicly available information. Objective is to set up a bank account for an offshore family office (passive...
  6. Midas Gordiusson

    Structuring in progress

    Structuring in progress
  7. Midas Gordiusson

    To Nominee or NOT to Nominee

    @mnschwarz What's your take on nominee banking (not corporate director) services? Especially w/OCI.
  8. Midas Gordiusson

    Offshore Belize IBC + LeuPay

    @Denny - are you saying that LeuPay will consider the "Business contact" as the UBO and report him/her as the account holder as per CRS? Or does LeuPay ask you to fill out the CRS self-certification later on in the registration procedure and use that information?
  9. Midas Gordiusson

    LeuPay.EU - Review please is it a good offshore bank?

    When signing up for a LeuPay business account there are two fields; the upper half which is "Business Information" and the lower half which is "Business Contact". Are both of these sections reported as part of CRS? Or only the top? Or are applicants asked to submit a CRS self-certification later...
  10. Midas Gordiusson

    Funding company by issuing zero-coupon bonds

    Does anyone have experience funding their IBC by issuing long-term zero-coupon bonds? The initial funding thus becomes debt that can be bought back (or paid back at bond maturity). This means that the original capital can be returned without triggering taxable income or capital gain, and only...
  11. Midas Gordiusson

    Bank for >$100k transactions with transparent CRS implementation

    I'm looking for an offshore bank that: I can trust with regular $100k+ transactions. Has a transparent and reliable interpretation/implementation of CRS. I expect them to report the account holder (a company and/or it's representative), but not the consultant who is managing the account for the...
  12. Midas Gordiusson

    How banks assess "account holder" for CRS / AEOI purposes

    So you have no confirmation what any bank will report? For example Leupay looks quite interesting, but I would love to better understand their practice of interpreting and implementing CRS - beyond what's written on their homepage/documents.
  13. Midas Gordiusson

    How banks assess "account holder" for CRS / AEOI purposes

    I am considering being the investment advisor for an IBC that's managing investments for a foundation. The IBC will need a bank account and a brokerage account. As the IBC's investment advisor, I would open the accounts and state the IBC as the owner, but with myself listed as the business...
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