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Nicholas Van Orton
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  • CAUTION! Timewaster, I don't know if he's schizophrenic but watch out he just talks and steals your time!
    Hi Nicolas - thanks for the offer to help - a non local bank would be fine for us to work with. We are just looking for solutions.

    Hi Nicholas,

    how are you doing? Looking for someone to do business around here and you seem to be the right person. Let me know if you are open to chat, already whatsapped you!


    Hi, I need corp. acc., the thread exist
    I don't understand how to sent message here
    Please, write me:
    - who're you, &
    - what offer
    Nicholas Van Orton
    Hi, I'm an investor with some connections at international banks in Dubai which might be of help. I've read the thread but I would require much more information, like turnover, recurrence of execution, source of funds, etc. If you leave your whatsapp we can continue there.
    Hey, I saw you writing about ParaguaySolutions, do you recommend them? How did it go? You can PM me as well (I can't PM you). Thanks!
    Nicholas Van Orton
    Hi Max, I didn't try them out in the end, but plan to in the future. They seemed legit to me and with knowledge of the situation in the country and the residence process.
    OK got it.
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