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    Cyprus bank account with USB need to switch to another bank & account

    All main banks in Cyprus provide this service. I would try to Bank Of Cyprus
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    Cyprus bank account can be opened by Philippines people?

    Anyone can open a bank account in Cyprus as long as they are not from a blacklisted country and can provide due diligence
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    Open bank account in Cyprus, personal or corporate?

    A Corporate Account with a Cyprus Company and Nominee Directors
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    Bank account in Cyprus with Internet banking?

    All main banks in Cyprus offer Internet Banking, trading platforms are far more fifficult to set up and you would need a major bank like Bank Of Cyprus who would require a lot of due diligence and information before they would even consider setting one up. You would also need to use an agent in...
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    What are the requirements for Business Corporation(SA)company in France?

    Half the share capital needs to be paid up. There is no way to work around the 7 Shareholders Rule. French people who set up Offshore will have problems with the French Tax Authorities.
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    Swedish resident with Cyprus bank?

    If the Swedish Tax Board ask the Cyprus Bank they will generally disclose the information. Seychelles Offshore Companies pay no tax in the Seychelles. Many people have a full nominee service in the Seychelles.
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    HSBC US Bank Account for non resident possible?

    If you have an HSBC Account already it is possible to set one uo in the US
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    Offshore Cyprus bank account for a business wihtout activity in Europe!

    Yes a Cyprus Bank Account will accept bank transfers from anywhere as long as the country is nor black listed
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    Does an offshore company requires accounting and fiscal reporting?

    thats the one! We have never had any problems with accounts being frozen. The only reason an account would be frozen would be some serious 'irregularities' on the account.
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    What is Nominee director and shareholder?

    No worries, glad to be of assistance!
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    Urgently need to know what is VAT and can I open VAT number for Offshore company?

    Cyprus isn't the only country with a low VAT (value added tax) rate but it is certinaly one of the lowest at 15%. The Netherlands is 19% I believe. Cyprus is a much easier place to get set up than the Netherlands. Registering for VAT can be beneficial, however this can only be done for a...
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    Urgently need to know what is VAT and can I open VAT number for Offshore company?

    VAT is a tax on goods and services that are shown on an invoice issued by an EU Company. Cyprus is the most well known offshore juristiction in Europe particularly as it has a tax rate of 10% if you are an onshore company and a vat rate of 15%
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    I need a business partner in the UK

    Search in Google under Company Formation Europe any main agent there will be able to sort this out for you.
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    Incorporate in the Seychelles, easy and fast!

    Any genuine Incorporation Agent in the Seychelles will be able to introduce you too a bank there. I would recommend Barclays.
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    Nominees and marchant account

    You will never get a nominee to sign the bank account forms they will only provide their due diligence. Any genuine Merchant Provider can work round this.