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    Question Is Revolut crypto frienly?

    Bitstamp is possible but they will annoy you with lots of KYC questions.
  2. Plavivoz

    Taking assets out of the country via private plane

    How can i find such paymaster?
  3. Plavivoz

    The End of Offshore?

    This doesnt change the taxpayers(resident in the eu) obligation.
  4. Plavivoz

    CRS-Reporting in Northern Cyprus?

    It is always the same direct transfers might be problematic. Indirect transfers work. Especially in the case of northern cyprus it is easy to hide the origin in northern cyprus. But i would not want to store there any money because of other reasons. As a pass through bank account it is ok.
  5. Plavivoz

    Which banks accept high risk clients in 2020?

    What are their debitcard limits?
  6. Plavivoz

    Bitwala / Solarisbank as for masking exchanges/crypto from Revolut/Transferwise & Co?

    Bitwala is Solaris. Solaris is a bank based in Germany. Banks based in Germany report. Bitwala reports.
  7. Plavivoz

    BVI vs UAE (Freezone)

    I totally agree with your point of view. This is playing with fire. There are better ways in 2020 anyway.
  8. Plavivoz

    BVI vs UAE (Freezone)

    Who aquires a panamanian passport as a banking passport? Nobody because there exist other passports which you can aquire faster. Usually panamanian residence card is used for this. Names of residence card owners are not published. What you are talking about are some carribbean islands. They...
  9. Plavivoz

    Get Anything from for Free

    Let me guess you will offer a not working method for 100-200$ or you will offer goods from g2a for a %. If someone picks the % option then he will receive a letter from the police some months later because the items are payed with stolen payment details.
  10. Plavivoz

    Buying crypto assets as a deductable company expense

    Such invoicing providers you are looking for usually charge 10% for invoicing services. I can not recommend them. You will run into problems long term. Setup an own company with nominee UBO for this situation. Only this way you can reduce your risk long term. Tax men is not stupid. Usually...
  11. Plavivoz

    Question Fiat to Crypto from SWIFT company details

    Why do you want to withdraw FIAT from Kraken? Withdraw in crypto... KYC at Kraken does not take a month from my own experience.
  12. Plavivoz

    Tax-free residency in Estonia

    This is not completly true. There are some cases where there is WHT. For example an european holding company owns 100% of the shares of a romanian micro enterprise. 5% WHT
  13. Plavivoz

    Bank account to cash out crypto (medium size amount)

    I dont know about Bank Frick but i would try SEBA. The bank from where you are from is not crypto friendly?
  14. Plavivoz

    FinCEN fines $60M bitcoin mixer Helix for money laundering

    Using a BTC mixer is a try to archieve privacy. Criminals do not use mixers anymore. Most shady money runs through binance and huobi not mixers. Centralized mixers are bullshit anyway. From a logical point of view you could ask the same question about USD. The US is the economy with the highest...
  15. Plavivoz

    Looking for a anonymous VPN provider with static IP.

    Rent a cheap vps. Better for an unique ip than a vpn.
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