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    Being a tax resident in 2 EU countries at once? Now is bit more but here is official list is changing.
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    EU: France calls for end of national tax vetoes on EU Tax Laws

    Maybe true reforms and some cut on social spending. Then maybe say no to stupid projects as: "non needed innovation box etc" they burn cash all time on not needed stuff. There is a lot to improve whole system is getting to big to sustain itself slowly. Maybe stop imigration from 3world country...
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    As Interest rates are rising, Is it good idea to buy some BOnd ???

    Only if you will be able to time bond bottom in rising interest rates environment once FED kills inflation then is good buy bonds beacouse rates will be lower in future. Inflation will eat your "bond" and buying power. Is hard to tame inflation when inflation is 9% in US while rates 2%. Imagine...
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    What are some of the top investment if you have only 1000 euro?

    Buy umbrellas and sell them in rainy days probably to be honest for best returns. Or go for crypto in December throw darts on top100 coins. And check in 5 years all investments divide equal don't analyze throw out stable coins.
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    Investment in Gold, can it pay off?

    Yea - but today is quite ok speculative play with proper risk/reward: 1) everything went up copper/wood/coal - yea not gold (this one was not making x3 like other commodities) 2) is close to ATH that is good once it breake old top will go higher for some time - from my perspective physical gold...
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    Crypto cedefi platform and token

    BTW you will need team like 100+ people play with that and security challenge people who were playing with that got from ICO many millions. Project that makes something like that is is then something probably easier that is working but build on centralized...
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    Is Sygnum Bank ok?

    I will have to probably make some "buisness university" to be promoted as "professional by education degree" in finance will be cheaper than "trading". All of those swiss banks as I see needs clients who works as professional traders to get some moneys on those fees. This is not for random...
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    any eu bank with euro iban that allow euro withdraw \ deposit from ftx

    You can go around with of your choice send money to EMI and from EMI to crypto exchange. Then back to that EMI with gains and back to bank. Is impossible to find offshore bank that will ask 0 questions and be safe to store 1k+ . You can go around try that: at least you can see what...
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    any eu bank with euro iban that allow euro withdraw \ deposit from ftx

    Bit update looks like only with Euro you have your own virtual IBAN (in Malta) for CHF they are using external solution in UK anyway in reference number is your name in comunication field so anyway I have got transfer on account that allows "only from own bank account transfer"
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    New Binance KYC for German customers

    If you are in EU it is easy. Nuri opens bank accounts in Germany with DE iban. Solaris bank for you so you will have German IBAN easy simple free way. You want write to them in questions something neutral i KYC questions you traveling a bit and you want stable bank for daily grocery uses. You...
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    any eu bank with euro iban that allow euro withdraw \ deposit from ftx If you see FIAT or Local currency then probably you will get it. Eg: South Africa/UAE have all but Turkey not.
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    any eu bank with euro iban that allow euro withdraw \ deposit from ftx

    JonhnyDoe tells you true maybe before complaining try to use it ? Send those money to bank account. With Swissborg you will get "virtual IBAN" the same IBAN will be used to recive and send money. Virtual IBANs are B2B solutions, virtual IBAN corresponds with company bank account that company...
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    Is Sygnum Bank ok?

    I have tried to open account with them but I gave up once I have to their price-list . Now they are focused at "professional clients" who will trade with them. But: Custody fee: 0.4% - 0.6% Trading Digital Assets > 0.9% (Binance 0.1% / Kraken 0.5%) Okey their business but same time you can...
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    Why people hate HSBC so much ??? What is your bad experience???

    1) Uncooperative fees etc. - They aim more in "mass" client while they are not that competitive vs Wise/Revoult/Bunq/N29/ (Most polish banks) 2) Support is bad slow respond time. 3) I have feeling like this is bank for "UK boomers" which loves cheques
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    European Commission calls to axe investor citizenship schemes with immediate effect

    They do all changes to isolate from others to slow collapse and they act like they are only ONE market that matter while EU have 0% grow while USA/Asia have some. If we look at currency then EU economy is crashing even harder. (Oil price makes them hard landing on "green" energy - fun to wacth...