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    Do corporation pay tax??

    Much of the political posturing is built around half-truths and partial information. This is happening in agendas from BOTH parties, so it is not my intention to start a partisan political debate. One of the sound-bytes from conservative sources claim that U S Corporate taxation rates are the...
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    Things to Consider with an Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

    Not at all, actually. It'll cost you around $2k in first year. This will cover all expenses including registered agent fee, registered address fee, incorporation fee and government fee. If you want a bank account then you'll have to spend around $500 more. So i think opening offshore uae...
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    Need help with Anguilla offshore company formation

    As many of you know already, I'm doing offshore business in Cyprus from couple of years. It's going good. In these years, I have been able to expand my business something like double. Thats why I'm thinking about a new jurisdiction. In my research, i got interested to do incorporation in...
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    European company formation what's the point?

    I'll suggest you for Cyprus offshore company with bank account. Why will you choose Cyprus? Stable economy . Lower taxes compared to other jurisdiction. High level of privacy protection. Easy to incorporate And Most importantly here have some reliable services with different packages that...
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    Why don't all European's move their business to Cyprus?

    There are many other factors also beside tax factor. Every person don't care about tax, who cares, they are shifting to Cyprus.
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    Automatic Exchange of Information or Common Reporting Standard

    I think AEOI and CRT apply for e currency too. Neteller, skrill or other online payment processors also bound by the law:(
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    Purchasing Seychelles Incorporation Is a Wise Decision

    Agreed with porkbunny, despite of having lots of benefits, there is only a problem in Seychelles company, that is, slow business activities.
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    Offshore bank account to purchase gold?

    My bank said, they will not allow me to buy gold directly. It is bank of Cyprus. Will love to know what ABC bank reply to you :)
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    Where is illegal to move assets offshore?

    Yes, US citizens also can not get bank interest from offshore banking....i wonder why & how they still incorporating business in offshore jurisdiction!!!
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    Gain Better Stability, Privacy, and Profitability with

    A thread like this was needed. Many people is asking here for a reliable service provider, they will get a place for selecting and asking questions as well.
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    Buy gold and silver from

    I consider buying gold as very risky. Now the price is increasing but i can remember, couple of months ago, it was lowest:(
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    Business activity high risk, need company offshore

    Yes, i think possible. If you will get a new offshore company with new payment processor then can run both as long as first one allow you.
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    Crisis protection!

    You are correct RamsayB, we human don't know future though we can only take precautions. We should have mentality to face crisis. By the time, everything will be okay:)
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    Getting the Best Offshore Payment Gateway

    Yes, you can. I think Neteller will be a strong competitor of PayPal very shortly.