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    Having a car or property on the name of your offshore company in your local jurisdiction?

    Don't bother to own the car, lease or rent it for long periods with a negotiated or unlimited mileage, you have a contract for its insurance, service and repairs because expensive cars = expensive repairs, they are badly built and most car manufacturers do regular recalls for failing parts etc...
  2. Takeshi

    Anyone ever used offshoredesk ?

    Thanks Zeljko.
  3. Takeshi

    Anyone ever used offshoredesk ?

    Thanks Samuel.
  4. Takeshi

    affiliate program ask for ID

    They may have to keep on their record who they are paying and if it's not a fake account/scammer, they may have analysed your traffic and decided to do so after, it happens often if a proxy is used too. On the other hand you have to ask clarifications and what are the reasons behind, there is...
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    Getting the Bulgarian residency

    Thanks for sharing.
  6. Takeshi

    affiliate program ask for ID

    Are you using a platform such as clickbank or are you in touch directly with the product/service creator who's asking you for your ID ?
  7. Takeshi

    Scam? Anyone tried this service?

    Looks too fishy after doing some research on them and found the following: - Domain name is 286 Days old and the website is too recent for them to brag about so many years of experience in the field. - Owner seems to be in Africa - Server location is in Europe - Located in a mall with more...
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    They'll vote and pass new laws to benefit them, they have the money to buy the power. I can recommend you to watch "The International" with Clive Owen and "The Infiltrator" with Robert Mazur/Bob Musella, both based on true stories, it redefines who's who in this money game and Bank(s)ters...
  9. Takeshi

    bank internal docs

    You may start by reading about advanced google search commands and techniques, you'll be surprised by what companies leaves online, especially if you go beyond the first few pages, from there you may expand your keywords search, it's the type of docs you may find without having to access the...
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    bank internal docs

    You can read about Alexandre Cazes and Ross William Ulbricht Stories, "interesting" in many ways and no harm to it.
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    Looking for a banking solution for a Cyprus company.

    You may look at Poland, the reason I mention them is because construction companies there are employing North Koreans and as an extreme, UAE looks better on the paper and with your legit business, it shouldn't be a massive hassle to get them to work with you. Do not worry, it's likely a lengthy...
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    Anyone ever used offshoredesk ?

    Hello Everyone, Did anybody ever used for Company registration and Bank account opening ? Any feedback you may have is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    bank internal docs

    Regardless of the docs you're looking for, you'll find everything and nothing however who put them there is a question you must consider carefully as very often they contain exploits to trace back who downloaded it, from there you become a target (i.e: GVT Agencies). Make sure you either use a...
  14. Takeshi

    What is the Best DMCA Ignored Hosting?

    It will depend on what you want to achieve though I'll write off Netherlands, Russia and China are in ZFG mode with DMCA as long as you aren't doing "harmful" activities in their territory and will welcome you to do "business". Good Luck.
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