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    MisterTango Cancels All Debit Cards

    bloody annoying news :(
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    Why would they delete it? Just asking for advice.see my post history if you like.. I have been looking for ages for a merchant account but this one seems a little too easy and no address etc
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    anybody used these?
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    Providers for Bulgarian Company Setup

    HI, i used @GCE very good provider
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    king365 quoted me 4ksetup and 4k year annual fee!
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    EMI or bank account for High risk industry

    revolut froze my personal account and wanted invoices and source of funds. wanted lots of info to open business account too
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    Painless solution for selling software

    I have a Bulgarian company too and was gutted that the 2 card processers (voguepay and stripe) also dont work with Bulgarian companies
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    help! cim bank or leupay? or any other? I need an offshore bank quick

    exactly, revolut froze my account and wanted to know all sort of info about source of income, who made tranfers etc
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    yeah its a shame as they sounds ok, i spoke to them on skype and he said dont worry they are ok blah blah but without any other reviews..hard to trust them at all
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    I am not too sure also did they say to you its 500USD setup?
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    Me too, but also reading reviews they dont pay out
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    think will miss them then lol
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    Anybody got any experience of these? thanks
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    Revolut blocked account help

    I dont have an invoice or anything at the moment as was waiting until my business account was fully operational and then create invoices for people
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