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    iptv payment processor

    It's not legal for that reason you need to find some of the underground processors like iPayTotal which is one big scam or you can try with Instabill.
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    Wyoming LLC

    I could not agree more. Unless you are depending on some sort of payment processor you will end up with more trouble then solution.
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    After registering UK Ltd my mobile phone get 10 - 20 spam calls a day!!!

    you have proof of it? Simply provide a phone number to the registry which you won't use for anything else. They will kill your phone number and call it to death.
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    Offshore setup ideas

    how would that work? you still need to provide all your KYC?!
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    Turner Little amazing service!

    made use of their service a year ago no secret, they finished the company registration, no issues.
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    Euro Pacific bank is a scam

    I don't think so, I don't think EPB is a scam until I someone to show me how it works.
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    What's the best alternative to PayPal shit service?

    GayPal - PayPal will never die, sadly they will stay here for ever and run the worlds biggest robbery of their customers. Paysera Do they accept credit cards directly? I believe you have to load your wallet and then you can pay on shops?
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    Online banking solutions that accept Seychelles IBCs

    Another guy from Russia or the Baltics?
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    What's the best alternative to PayPal shit service?

    I got a Payeer approval yesterday, the first one, easy process so far. Have more to come, will post here.
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    Got my Ledger cryptosteel what do you think?

    nice gadget, have ordered one for fun.
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    advcash cards

    They will not cancel your account but issue a new card if they are able to do so for Panama, I believe they can.
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    List of Banks, EMI's, Payment processors and BTC to FIAT institutions.

    yes obvious you need to do that. You could do the same with AdvCash and it looks like Payeer can do the same so skrill can do it.
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    Question Cheapest way to set up an offshore account

    okay let's get it clear, you signed up today, posted a thread without reading about anything here, just to learn about EMI's. Good, so I would suggest you to have a look here...
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    Turn OFF caps lock we understand you!
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