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  • Comming to your [email protected], it Depends on your activities and your scheme
    Delaware C-corp will be the best option only if you have a startup and you want VCs and Angel investor to invest in your company in exchange for your company's Shares
    But if you do Dropshiping-services-Amazon FBA-Consultation... US LLC would be the Best.
    Salam @saasman
    Yes you still taxed on the dividends in US that's true, 0% dividend in Morocco only if you have Sarl company and only for the first 4 years(I am not sure about it As I said before I'll consult a Moroccan CPA, and I'll let u know)
    Hey @Hazqiyal

    Thanks! You mentioned 0% dividend tax in Morocco in some post i came across. i do have a delaware C corp in the US but in morocco you're still taxed on the dividends you import into morocco, or no?
    what setup do you suggest?
    saasman what is the context when I said 0% dividend
    regarding Dividend: It depends on the withholding agent(payer) He may consider your Apk-Saas-ebook... as Dividend and for that reason, he may withhold 30% of the income as taxes
    In this case, there is a tax treaty between Morocco and US that allows you to claim 15% instead of 30% so you have to file form W8-BEN and send it to the payer to claim 15%.
    SARL hasn't paid any taxes for the first 4 years(I am not sure I'll consult with CPA and let you know
    Salam! i'm just like you bro! what's your setup now? and how would you achieve this 0% dividend?
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