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    Using offshelf Aged Company 5 years is it possible to establish historic invoices

    Good day everone Off the shelf company questions. Sorry if my English is not clear please reply with advice or request of clarification. Thank you for everyone who can guide us in the right direction. By all means read into this as you wish to regarding why. In short it is for estate planning...
  2. M

    Agent / provider for Seychelles IBC

    Hi guys, Who has any experience with an agent / provider for setting up a Seychelles IBC? Or any place where they can be reviewed? I see many providers around there, want to be sure to choose for the best. Many thanks, mimi
  3. N

    Scottish LP formation + LeuPay

    Hello, Actually, I have my e-commerce based in France. I use Shopify where I accept payments with Stripe and PayPal. Most of my clients are from EU. I read that for my case the better option is to open a Scottish LP or UK LLP and a EU bank account. I think to open the LeuPay account. I don't...
Mentor Group