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  1. tacokai

    Question What is the best exchange trading altcoins?

    I would like to hear from you guys what is the best crypto exchange service if I primary want to trade altcoins? Please suggest your best advice, looking at kraken it seems not to be the best.
  2. btcking

    Bitcoin intermedation

    Hello, I'm starting a cryptocurrency broker in Argentina. So my plan is this: 1) Open a company in Seychelles (taxation in Argentina is one of the highest in the world). 2) Open a bank account that supports both SEPA and SWIFT transfers (LeuPay for example, both they do not allow bitcoin...
  3. diablo

    Do you think altcoins will rise the rate soon?

    What do you Guys think, will altcoins listed here Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations | CoinMarketCap rise during 2018 and anytime soon or do you think they will thay at the current rate now?
  4. icecold

    What altcoin would you suggest in 2018?

    I wonder what would be the best altcoin in 2018 to invest in ? I have aprox 10k USD to invest and need to find a good coin / token for my money, something that may grow at least 10 times in value during the next 12 months. Any suggestion and details would be much appreciated.
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