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    Bank account for Cayman Islands company

    Hi, I am looking to open a bank account for Cayman Island company which me and my partners opened 4 months back. We have been trying for last 2 months But haven't received any success yet. Euro Pacific bank is Puerto Rico declined us because of our investor is US citizen. For us, any bank...
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    Open bank account in Cayman Island

    Dear All, We would like to open a corporate account in Cayman Island, Any recommendation?
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    Offshore Company Formation Help

    Hoping I can get some guidance here for my offshore company I want to form: This is for an ICO, I want to have offshore corp in the Caymans to ISSUE the tokens and have that company vanish after granting those tokens to the OPERATING company. So essentially two corps setup, one issuer and one...
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    for ICO:Canadian Limited Partnership owned by Caymans corp?

    I am wondering if this makes sense. 2 Polish owners of a Canadian LP (therefore no tax, privacy of directors) owned by Cayman Islands Exempted (and Cayman bank account, which allows ICOs/crypto whereas Canadian banks do not AFAIK). The idea is avoidance of the Polish 19% Corp tax...but there...
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