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Kevin Roberts

New member
Hoping I can get some guidance here for my offshore company I want to form:

This is for an ICO, I want to have offshore corp in the Caymans to ISSUE the tokens and have that company vanish after granting those tokens to the OPERATING company. So essentially two corps setup, one issuer and one operation, then have the issue co. vanishing and granting to the operating company.

Can I set this up myself, if not what is the best way to go about explaining this setup to an attorney?

Also, banking questions: I'd like to have one bank be a crypto friendly bank that the exchange sends funds to this bank, then have that bank send to another that does not see the crypto portion of the transactions, does this make sense and a good idea? What banks would be crypto friendly and is it a good idea to have bank a in one country and bank b in another?

What are your thoughts on this arrangement and other thoughts on how better to accomplish this.


hannibal the cannibal
Speak with an agent in the Caymans, they are able to answer all your questions. You may even have to pay for it but with the plans you have that's pocket money you have to pay to get proper advice.
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