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    ICO website script

    Wish to launch an ICO? You are searching in the right place. We have the best ready-to-use ICO website script. All the required customizations will be done based on your demands and we render complete support till the website is launched. Give your ICO investors an experience they can never forget.
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    Best Ico Dashboard

    Launch your Best ICO dashboard or STO in 1 week with our advance ready to deploy sto and ico software script. Buy sto or ico website script to raise fund legally in all country. Our white label ico dashboard platform can be customized according to your crowdfunding process.
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    [ANN] Ripplecash ICO - A Profit-Share Token Backed by a Real Working Business.

    Ripplecash ICO - Profit-Share Token Backed by a Real Working Business. Join the Token Sale & Receive Bonus of Upto 60% . About Ripplecash : Ripplecash is completely decentralized network which will be used as a token-coin and fiat currencies swapping method in all over the world. The main...
  4. J

    Allforcrypto ICO (a crypto alternative to eBay)

    I know people have been dying to find out what my was ICO from the first time I posted on the forum.I suppose no time like the present since were nearly on all the top ICO rating sites with pretty good ratings. To sum up, allforcrypto will provide a blockchain-friendly platform for the sale of...
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    What is GAMO Protocol?

    Have you ever heard about GAMO Protocol? They said have been created a secured environment to raise a fund using DAICO. What Is GAMO Protocol? – GamoProtocol – Medium What do you think about it guys? Will it safe?
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    UnPaid Advertising A fully scalable script for ICO business launch

    With the help of ICO script, the entrepreneurs can immediately build an ICO platform for token sales to achieve their goals. The features, modules, payment gateways, and revenue streams incorporated in ICO script makes the token sales process simple and easy. CONTACT THROUGH -> WEBSITE
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    Best Jurisdiction for ICO Launch

    Hi I am an entrepreneur from India planning to do my ico. I was searching countries where I can do my ICO. Till now the following angles have reached me 1. Allowed legally 2. Crypto Friendly bank 3. Structure supported in the country 4. Not blacklisted 5. Tax on proceeds 6. Low Budget I...
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    Bank account in Belize when raising money via ICO

    So I know that companies that trade in crypto assets are having a hard time getting a bank account in Belize. But what about an entity that wants to raise money via a token sale and convert the incoming ETH & BTC to fiat currency and transfer that to a bank in Belize? The entity itself will not...
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    We are pleased to announce that agreements with HitBTC has been successfully concluded and DUEC will be listed and available for trading in the coming weeks. This is great news for us and the DUECOIN community at large because HitBTC is one of the largest Crypto exchanges globally. Also this is...
  10. SHA256

    ICO - Company formation

    Hello. Looking for some advice on company formation for the purpose of ICO (initial coin offering) Having looked into caymen, BVI, Panama, Gibraltar and looking at types of incorporation and trusts I am unsure which would suit our needs best. We have a team of a few people from different...
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    Offshore Company Formation Help

    Hoping I can get some guidance here for my offshore company I want to form: This is for an ICO, I want to have offshore corp in the Caymans to ISSUE the tokens and have that company vanish after granting those tokens to the OPERATING company. So essentially two corps setup, one issuer and one...
  12. diablo

    Is this ICO script and the company behind it valid?

    I was wondering if someone know Zenith Script Store they have a fully working ICO script which is developed (as per their website) to publish your own ICO! Do you think this is something that works and can be used for a professional business or is this only for scam operations?
  13. diablo

    Have you heard about KLEOS TOKEN ?

    I consider a small invetsment in this ICO Kleos Token - ICO What do you think is this a good Investment and how can I see if this is a scam or shady business or a real good opportunity for early stage investors?
  14. diablo

    Is it free to advertise my ICO?

    I just Wonder if it is free to advertise new ICO's here and what are the guidelines, for instant can we put up contact information here, website url and other data which would be considered spam in the other forums? What are the guidelines please? PS: great you add this to the forum!
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    Important! Please read here before you post in the ICO forum!

    We want to hear about ICO's relevant for people to invest into. We are also happy to read about startups announcing their ICO as well as all relevant information that fit into this category. BUT Please don't spam this forum, your spam will be removed quickly and your post removed! If you have...
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    Creating a new forum section around ICO investment

    Here is more of wiki description about it. Initial coin offering - Wikipedia This site gives a nice overview detailing a lot about the different kinds of ICO. ICO Reviews - CryptoRated: Community ICO Reviews and Ratings