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  1. W

    How risky is that setup?

    Hello. That's my first post. I'm fascinated by the info here and I'm willing to pay for the gold membership, but I was wondering if I could get some initial enlightenment. How risky is a setup where: You get paid by a company in the U.S though Bitwage, set to receive 100% in BTC. When you...
  2. L

    Transferwise to crypto/binance

    Still looking for the convenient way to transfer funds from Transferwise to crypto/binance. Any help appreciated. Withdrawing amounts around 35k euro per month. Wirex currently has no IBAN deposit options. Debit card topups still working however not sure if it is safe for my TW account. Other...
  3. V

    How can I legally minimize taxes on crypto in the UK?

    Hello. I'm thinking about moving to the UK. But high crypto taxes is stopping me. I went through Cryptoassets: tax for individuals I see that crypto taxes even for the airdrops, so HMRC wishes to know all, all your cryptoassets. How can I legally minimize taxes on crypto in the UK? Maybe...
  4. michael2137

    Exchange crypto to FIAT without triggering authorities

    Hey I have no real experience with cryptocurrencies (apart from using it to pay for minor services like VPN) so excuse me if I ask dummy questions. I found my old paxful account that I used 5 years ago and its balance grew to 16.5k $. I were hotheaded and withdrew it from paxful to my crypto...
  5. GendalfB

    Question Crypto to fiat cash out

    Hello everyone. I have couple of banks in mind (Swiss and UAE) to set up account. Main purpose - cash out crypto to fiat. What is better: 1 - to be proactive and discuss with bank main purpose, show all the proof of legality of my crypto, solve all the possible questions upfront. To prevent...
  6. I

    Correct setup for cryptotrader?

    Hello everybody. I bought some bitcoins in the past and now I want to cash them out. I'm currently living in Spain and I'm considering to move for more than 183 days to another country so I can become a tax resident there. What I don't know is what country should I move to, and what setup...
  7. L

    How to transfer/use money made by crypto

    I made some money from crypto and would like to use them but cant seem to find a way. I tried to send them by kraken but my local banks does not accept crypto related investments due to reg from central bank. So as i was reading the forum here and made a revolut account but doesn't allow me to...
  8. Dread Pirate Roberts

    Question Get physical cash for Bitcoin

    Let's say I have a good amount of Bitcoin to my name. How could I get physical cash for my Bitcoin? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. T

    Crypto to Tranferwise Any Idea ?

    Probably not possible Any Chance from any Crypto Wallet like USDC to Tranferwise Borderless Account so TW not blocks/Under radar ? Thank you for expierence Solution Background: for Crypto to FIAT so that i can send Bank Tranfer (SEPA) to another bank Accounts
  10. E

    Question Creating an offshore corp for stock holding, trading and transfer.

    I apologize if this has been discussed before. Maybe it will seem like a naive question: Imagine a scenario: Let's say an individual (non-US person) is holding ETFs and cash assets at stock brokers and crypto exchanges in his name (as an individual). Goal is to transfer these holdings (ETFs...
  11. B

    Question Jurisdiction for a Crypto trading company - no need for fiat

    Hello everybody. I know this question is a recurrent one, but everybody seems to need a bank account/EMI/fiat on-off ramps. I just need a jurisdiction to incorporate, in a place with no taxes, no accounting needed. A place I can "forget about administrative stuff". In other words, I just need an...
  12. M

    Payoneer to crypto

    My friend gets money on another person's Payoneer account every month. He has access to the physical MC card, so he cash out each month. Instead of cashing out he wants to have a part each month in crypto. What would be a good way to achieve this? Keep in mind that Payoneer isn't crypto friendly...
  13. C

    Crypto Holding Company Panama costs

    I have been looking at options for holding my crypto currency and with Panama’s tax arrangements with the UK (current) and Portugal (possible future residence), along with their tax situation. This will be for holding assets not for running a crypto business. I won’t be needing a bank account...
  14. MiddleEuroAsia

    Singapore-DBS Bank’s Digital Exchange to Begin Trading Crypto ‘Next Week’

    -Quote; DBS Bank of Singapore has officially announced the arrival of its digital assets exchange, with trading to start next week. The DBS Digital Exchange is 10% owned by Singapore’s SGX stock exchange. It will also provide tokenization of securities and other assets, as well as bank-grade...
  15. W

    Effective place of management and CFC laws

    Hello everyone, I am a cryptocurrency trader and looking to set up an offshore company to better manage the profits. I have done a lot of research and Malta or BVI look the most promising. From what I understand, Malta would be 11.66% tax on crypto gains with a 2 company (holding and trading)...
  16. A

    OTC that support ACH payment (USA)

    I'm looking for OTC (or P2P seller) which can accept ACH payment for buying btc daily (1-5) daily. My issue is that my bank not provide me wire transfer and only let me make ACH transfer. I can make payment to any US bank as long as they have valid routing #. Already talking with some OTC...
  17. Singa

    Here how you can send from crypto platform to TransferWise (legit)

    Hi there ✋ So i was talking to the TransferWise support about sending my funds from Cryptocurrency platform /service to transferwise balance.. The only way you can do it is that it must be coming from an account WITH YOUR NAME! Meaning you need to open an account with crypto platform that offer...
  18. E

    Question Where to register offshore company that is allowed to trade, buy, sell, hold crypto?

    Looking to register universal offshore company that will be able to do everything. Buy real estate, buy crypto, buy stocks, provide marketing services, etc... which jurisdictions are recommended for this? Preferably with no mandatory accounting and minimised taxes.
  19. Dread Pirate Roberts

    How can I exchange large amounts of Monero for cash?

    Thanks to some luck and some work, I'm going to be receiving a large sum of Monero soon. I've been wondering, is it possible for me to get cash in exchange for it somewhere? I know that cryptocurrency ATMs exist, and I have no problem converting said Monero to Bitcoin. I'd prefer any method I...
  20. Martin Everson

    UK FCA bans the sale of crypto-derivatives to retail consumers

    https://www.fca.org.uk/news/press-releases/fca-bans-sale-crypto-derivatives-retail-consumers ----- quote start The FCA has published final rules banning the sale of derivatives and exchange traded notes (ETNs) that reference certain types of cryptoassets to retail consumers. The FCA considers...
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