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  1. C

    Cashing out crypto and then?

    I'd like to gather some ideas about where to put the money in after selling out in the next BTC run. Currently, I got around 300K in my paper wallet (90% BTC 10% ETH). Beside of that, I got 100K which I use selling daily puts on BTC. I had 1280 BTC when MtGox went down and made it all...
  2. LuckyLuciano

    Wise/Payoneer to Etana/Kraken

    Has anyone tried to transfer funds from Wise or Payoneer to Etana account and later move them to Kraken account? Wondering what are your experiences and thoughts on this. Also, do you have any alternative solution to fund any CEX using funds from Wise or Payoneer? Thanks!
  3. wellington

    P2P guilty plea

  4. L

    Need recommendations for crypto cards and friendly EMI's for individuals

    I know there's a bunch of threads but usually it's just about this or that company and people either praising or trashing. I have used a bunch of them, but I was wondering if there's more that I should add to the list as generally it's not recommended to have a lot of funds inside some of these...
  5. A

    How to open a Crypto Company and Bank Account Remotely.

    I have a decent amount of Crypto. I now sit in India and wish to open an account a remote Crypto Company with a bank account. Most service providers I spoke to said banks don't accept Crypto. They said companies require licenses which could cost upwards of 20,000 USD. How do I go about this?
  6. 1

    Anti-money laundering: Council and Parliament strike deal on stricter rules

    According to the agreement, CASPs will need to apply customer due diligence measures when carrying out transactions amounting to €1000 or more. It adds measures to mitigate risks in relation to transactions with self-hosted wallets. Source...
  7. U

    Looking for investor for profitable cloud hosting business

    I represent a Thai cloud hosting business (foreign owned and managed) with an annual turnover of ~$100.000, a good team and a solid platform. We're looking for someone willing to invest time and money into the business in exchange for equity. Ideally we are looking for someone who excels in...
  8. B

    Prop Firms, EA's and Trading Gurus (Looking for Experienced Traders in FOREX - STCOKS - Commodities)

    Hello, it's been a While I hope Y'all doing Well. the forum Changed quite a Lot since the Last Time I checked, I like it. Today, I would like to talk about a Field that I am absolutely Passionate about, and this is Trading. I've been Trading and investing since 5 years Now. I went Through a...
  9. T

    UAE vs Cyprus for crypto trading company

    Hi, let's discuss which country is best for living and trading crypto in terms of taxes, ease of running company and banking. UAE: - 9% tax on profits above 100k USD - Possible to open crypto prop trading company - Banking in local UAE banks is very hard, so one qould need to have offshore bank...
  10. Z

    Re-introduce crypto gains to brick and mortar fiat bank

    I've got some cryptos, no excessive amounts but alright. I never invested in crypto any amount that I was not prepared to loose or needed to get back in standard fiat banks so I never really looked into it. I heard that most banks freeze your account if you ever send FIAT money from known...
  11. D

    What's the most stress-free cheap company setup to pay yourself a salary to be eligible for Digital Nomad visas?

    Most of my income comes from crypto trading and investments but I don't have a company. Most digital nomad visas ask for a steady salary of USD 2000 or more/business income for 6 months with bank statements. What's a good company formation setup in this case? I won't mind taking my trading...
  12. T

    Consultant for UAE crypto proprietary trading company

    Hello, due to the new corporate tax law in the UAE day traders now need to pay 9% tax on their profits. As it is more advantageous to run a crypto prop trading company than to do trading as a natural person, I am looking to setup a crypto prop trading company in Dubai. Can someone recommend a...
  13. ActionMan

    AMA (Ask Me Anything): Navigating the Evolving Banking Landscape in Andorra

    Hello everyone! I'm here to host an AMA session about the dynamic and evolving banking landscape in Andorra (inspired by the post @sinos made earlier). With my experience in opening and managing a bank account in Andorra, particularly with Andbank, and navigating the mid-six-figure transactions...
  14. M

    Question - what is the best country to get a license to start a Exchange without KYC?

    Hi, We are interested in starting up our CEX, but would like to be able to work without any KYC. Any advice about which countries are the best for this purpose?
  15. S

    How to exchange crypto to cash

    Can somebody point me to how to get cash from crypto directly? I mean p2p, without going through an emi or such. I suppose I would have to find persons with cash, wanting crypto, being in the same place where I am. But how?
  16. jafo

    The Binance Crackdown Will Be an 'Unprecedented' Bonanza for Crypto Surveillance...

    The Binance Crackdown Will Be an 'Unprecedented' Bonanza for Crypto Surveillance. Binance’s settlement requires it to offer years of transaction data to US regulators and cops, exposing the company—and its customers—to a “24/7, 365-days-a-year financial colonoscopy.” Excerpt: "One attraction...
  17. thomasparra

    Interactive Brokers as crypto exchange platform

    Commissions and custody fees seem ok. Interactive Brokers would probably be almost safer than holding the keys physically yourself in some cases (no loss or theft risk). Of course, the biggest risk to consider might be them freezing the account as with any third parties but IB is probably one of...
  18. T

    Tax on trading in the UAE

    Hello! Through the help of this forum I figured that the UAE maybe imposed 9% corporate tax on day/swing traders. The UAE government recently released conditions stating that a natural person (individual) who conducts 'Business' or 'Business Activity' will be subject to the 9% corporate tax...
  19. P

    Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023 (ECCTA)

    Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023 (ECCTA) As I have learned a lot from this forum I thought that I should contribute. I have not seen any discussion of it anywhere (apologies if I missed it) so I thought that I would post a summary/edit of what the Act’s salient points are. The...
  20. R

    AUD to crypto

    Hey, I have large amounts of AUD that I would like cashed to Crypto, happy to pay 5-10% for anyone who is able to facilitate this. Payments come through on a regular basis. I am looking for someone to work with long term.