1. S

    Company Formation for HNWI Crypto Trader

    Hi, Offshore company formation is quite a new area for me as I have been operating completely in the dark until now. I am a Portuguese citizen currently living in Spain (tax residency). I am essentially looking for a tax-efficient solution to incorporate a company which can be the vehicle...
  2. lrotter

    Where to establish Crypto exchange licensed?

    Hello All! After new regulations in Estonia with their financial authority they require personal visits of UBO/AML officer to meet the regulator. It makes impossible for the companies with "hired" UBO to be registered. Any suggestions where to register LICENSED crypto exchange instead?
  3. E

    Banks & EMIs with personal IBAN + Virtual Credit Card

    Hello Guys, i am looking for a European Bank/Emi that issues a personal IBAN (Beneficary has to be Account owner) and Virtual Credit Cards. The Account should be easy to open by european citizen. I have already looked up the "main" Banks like: Revolut, Bunq, N26 etc. The Verification...
  4. jakonda

    New crypto&internet business friendly bank in the making (Malta)

    Just came across an info that new crypto, internet business, startups, etc. friendly bank called Founders Bank is in the making in the beautiful island of Malta. CEO is ex-Deutche i-banker, their c-level team also looks legit with strong background. I think it could be interesting to follow the...
  5. S

    Offshore company and bank account creation for crypto arbitrage

    Hey guys! Im new to the forum. I arrived when looking for solutions for a problem hopefully you´ll have some advice on how to solve. I´ve working with crypto in Venezuela since 2016. It has provided many opportunities for financial freedom in a environment as hostile a dictatorship. For some...
  6. I

    Personal bank account using 2nd passport from CIB program

    This is my first year as a tax resident in a low tax country, I'll cash out some profits from crypto next year (I'm avoiding cashing out the first year on purpose), and I was thinking of adding an extra layer of "protection" against my home country coming after me (I paid all my taxes before...
  7. G

    Enterprise Blockchain Services company

    Blockchain Firm is one of best enterprise blockchain services company for all industries. Our own blockchain technology has distributed ledger to develop custom build application for the betterment your business needs.
  8. Rasta Musk

    Online Store. Anonyminity. Crypto

    Hey Guys. I have an existing online business that I'm looking to setup properly. The business operates in a legal grey area (Cannabis products), and whilst not illegal, not everyone is very happy with the products everywhere. Currently, i'm taking payments in my own name, but this is not...
  9. GiGoGo

    Wyoming / Delaware LLC from Hong Kong

    Hello, I'm a Hong Kong resident with European passport looking for creating an LLC in US. I wont target US or Hong Kong customers, mainly EU and Mainland China. The business is IT consultancy and I can create a Transferwise with the LLC but my concerns are: - Do the US tax authorities report to...
  10. Nanoo

    If you had 10m$ in Crypto right now

    If you had 10m$ in Crypto right now but broke in FIAT. How would you do to enjoy this fortune and get a millionaire lifestyle without getting flagged by banks and governments?
  11. João Silva

    What is the best country/exchange to buy cryptos?

    Hi everone, I am new here. I would like to ask what is the best country and exchange to buy cryptos? I mean a country that respect both my privacy and my assets. Any exchange in my country cannot do that. Is Cayman Island a good option?
  12. Bmw850

    Big amount tout but crypto how?

    Hi guys, Lets Say that i have a big amount ( 6 figures ) and i want for personnal reasons to buy crypto with it. 2 monthes After i bought i ll sell them. I know mistertango but it s not working for me. I ll sell my amount of crypto by transfering them to the wallet of my customer ( already have...
  13. S

    Securely storing a large amount of Monero (XMR)

    Guys, I was holding large amounts of crypto on exchanges. I've been mostly into Monero because of the anonymity aspects. Now I realize it's a terrible idea to keep large sums in exchanges so I went looking for alternatives. I wanted to do this right, in a way it is impossible to get hacked...
  14. W

    What is GAMO Protocol?

    Have you ever heard about GAMO Protocol? They said have been created a secured environment to raise a fund using DAICO. What Is GAMO Protocol? – GamoProtocol – Medium What do you think about it guys? Will it safe?
  15. N

    Any safe bank account out-there to transfer 7-figure sum (Bit) ?

    Hi! I'm not an EU resident neither American. My home country has some currency exchange controls, it's so hard to get crypto here. Do you know any EU bank or EMI that accept this kind sum without locking, freezing? - N
  16. F

    Crypto Pay ?

    Hello all , I want to implement in my website a payment method from credit card to bitcoin . Is this possible ? If yes, do you know any website which provides you this service ? Thanks in advance.
  17. Carl

    Crypto Startup - Offshore Business Formation

    Hi Everyone, I am new to posting on here, but I have been lurching on this forum without an account for some time now. Tons of great information, but I can't seem to get an answer regarding what I am really looking for. I am looking to incorporate my crypto start-up, which will not need a bank...
  18. krabi

    Crypto company Bank account search.

    Hello everyone. I have company in Estonia, got as well Cryptocurrency Exchange Licence. Got KYC and AML company contract too. I cannot get a BANK account anywhere . Estonian LVH - "internal risk policy" - can't get account there MrTango - I don't know if I can trust to put there bigger amount...
  19. R

    Seychelles CSL & EU holding v Foundation & IBC

    Hi guys, I’m a newbie to this and spent the week reading through the threads –really fascinating (I read the Seychelles CSL one, the Seychelles foundation and the UBO v foundation). I am hesitating on a structure for my needs and I would love to get your feedback. The goal is to minimise tax...
  20. V

    what's the problem with crypto business

    I'm not professionally active in crypto-related business. I'd like to understand the background of those tens (maybe hundreds) of post asking "what's the crypto friendly jurisdiction or bank". Can anybody explain what's behind all this madness? Why is it so difficult to trade crypto in your name...