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  1. Z

    US based crypto arbitrage corp seeking advice or partnerships

    Hello, I recently joined this forum and have been reading over some very well groomed advice here. Before putting some of it to work I thought I would make a post about my situation, I have run an algorithmic trade service for multiple years based in the US. In our early years (2014+) we traded...
  2. Mulan

    Crypto friendly PSP with a debit card

    Hi all, I am looking for a PSP somehwere where crypto to fiat conversion will be possible and accepts at least EU nationals for personal accounts. US too, if possible. It is also important that this Payment service allows them to get a debit card... Any card.
  3. J

    Is there any succes story from Dubai regarding crypto ?

    From getting the residence visa, staying 6 months there to transfer your funds safely to your home country ? I mean some first hand experience step by step with no weird setting company in your home country to transfer it. Searching I'm seeing problems with banks regarding crypto, 1 month...
  4. M

    Question Moving to Romania to cash out Bitcoin gains?

    Hey folks, lets say i bought some Bitcoin early this year and have the fear that the market will crash before my 1 year long-term tax ease comes into play... I read that lots of people suggest Cyprus and Portugal, which seems to be not entirely clear how they will tax it, i thought Romania...
  5. D

    Moving to Swiss from Germany?

    Hello guys, Im algo trading crypto on a private account in Germany and become very successful doing so. Right now thinking about leaving Germany and going to Swiss (zug) and trade there as a private person. As I understand there is a 20% Tax on it. That would be fine compared to 45% in Germany...
  6. V

    Realizing gains in UAE before having lived 183 days and obtaining tax certificate?

    Let's say I move to UAE in September 2021 and cash out crypto in December 2021. I think the earliest i could obtain a tax certificate would be July 2022 because the 183 days need to be in the same fiscal year - is this correct? How do I then report my crypto gains to the tax authorities in the...
  7. V

    Moving from Germany to Luxembourg to cash out crypto?

    So, it is well known that Germany does not tax crypto gains if you held for more than 1 year - but like any tax, this could change, by law, by court order etc. Moreover I am not convinced that German banks have the best attitude when it comes to profits from crypto. They could just send it back...
  8. M

    NHR Portugal - owning dividend paying stocks

    Hi, I am considering moving to Portugal and apply for NHR. I own a house in Netherlands which I would rent out and get the income from it and I own substantial amount of dividend paying stocks on my online broker account. I assume these two sources of income would be categorise as 'passive'...
  9. Risehigh

    Decentralized exchange (DEFI)

    I guess for most of us a decentralized exchange (dex) like uniswap or pancakeswap with billions in liquidity are great to swap crypto currencies and are useful in our daily behavior to hide ;) Always wanted a own dex, so I build all the resources and the team did already build some & does...
  10. W

    Offshore company for receiving payments in crypto

    Hi! I've been searching the posts but still couldn't find an exact answer to my question. I'd like to cash out some crypto bit by bit (5k-10k per month), but without having to discloure my full crypto balance. I currently live in a high-tax country and can't leave it just yet, so I thought that...
  11. N

    Question Need Recommendation for Lawyer in Seychelles

    I am dealing with a situation where I have a significant amount of crypto being stored on an cryptocurrency exchange that is based in Seychelles. The cryptocurrency exchange has blocked my withdrawals and I have very big concerns. I am considering hiring a lawyer in order to help secure my...
  12. W

    Setup for full crypto income

    Hello! I've been searching in the forums but couldn't find anyone in a similar position, so I thought of asking some advice. If I had enough crypto to generate some reasonable passive income, let's say $3,000K/month, what would be a good setup to pay as little tax as possible on that? I suppose...
  13. LittleBrother

    Moving crypto company cus the government is raping us, happy to be here

    We have pretty recently started a crypto company in the nordic region. Before this I thought that all the stuff you read about governments getting off on hurting small businesses was just something that happened in the USA or something. But I was wrong. I used to sing the national anthem and...
  14. P

    As an US resident I did everything wrong... how to fix my TAX situation?

    This is my situation: I never declared any taxes ever in my 10+ years of legal residence in the US. I had been relatively poor most of that time, working for my extended family in the US. My bank account had always less than 10K USD and my coinbase account has always had less than 10K USD (until...
  15. Gediminas

    Four most common tax optimization strategies for cryptocurrency traders

    Hey, As cryptocurrencies are booming more and more, investors and crypto traders are starting to think about optimizing their capital gain and income taxes on their crypto profits. As everyone’s situation is unique, in my blog post I described the four most common tax optimization strategies...
  16. J

    Best business bank account / emi for UK based crypto startup?

    Hello community What is the best UK based bank or EMI which accepts a UK based startup dealing in cryptocurrency? The company will use third party monies to invest them with certain DeFi products. Are there any good and cryptofriendly EMIs or banks in the UK including Jersey, Isle of Man and...
  17. 1

    Do banks in 0% tax countries ask about source of funds?

    Is getting residency in 0% tax country like Bermuda and opening a bank account to send/cash out untracked crypto earnings saves you from providing proof of source of funds?
  18. 1

    Georgia individual enterpeneur as exit strategt for Crypto Trading

    Hi, was living in Thailand for 8 years with Thai Elite Visa in last 3 years. Last 7 months or so I'm in eastern Europe without any official residency due to covid I'm an app developer with stable profiting apps, a web traffic reseller, affiliate and a crypto trader. While being in Thailand...
  19. M

    Crypto Cash Out 6 Figures

    Hi, I am relatively new to crypto and have managed to get a 6 figure balance together and would like to know the best way to cash out. I’m currently in the UK and was wondering whether considering UAE is something I can do and is it worth it overall. TIA
  20. O

    Looking for a crypto-exit strategy

    Hello, I am researching what my exit strategies from crypto will be within the next 4-18 months, with portfolio worth $1mm - $2mm. My country is a member of EU (Central Europe) with significant taxation on crypto, I do not want to cash out to fiats here. The CRS and CFC obviously limit my...
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