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  1. Gediminas

    Crypto activities in Lithuania (How-To)

    Hey guys, Lithuania allows legal entities which are incorporated in Lithuania to engage in cryptocurrency exchange and/or cryptocurrency wallet/brokerage operator activities. There are 2 types of cryptocurrency activity authorization (company can provide both cryptocurrency services or one of...
  2. I

    Form LLC in USA that owns an LLC in Kazakhstan so the investors invest in a US entity. Crypto mining.

    Hi all. I want to start a crypto mining business in Kazakhstan. The labor is cheap, electricity is cheap, the business environment is pretty friendly, I speak the language. In order to attract investors I would like to open an LLC/Corp in USA that would own the Kazakh company that does the...
  3. B

    Which "company-bank account" combo is best for a crypto exchange business?

    A friend of mine has built a crypto exchange website and app which has been live for the past 6 months with nothing but positive feedback from customers. They are upgrading the platform and many investors have agreed to invest in the company in exchange for equity in the US company. The problem...
  4. B

    PSP for unregulated FX broker

    Hi Looking for a PSP that can work with an offshore unregulated FX broker. Main clients are Japanese. Pretty good volume. Please let me know if you have any recommendations.
  5. B

    Banking and EMI for unregulated FX broker.

    Hi Currently running 2 offshore FX brokers (Unregulated), looking for banking or EMI solutions that can support our business. Any recommendations? Happy to hear some PSP recommendations as well. Cheers
  6. M

    Company in UAE and capital paid in crypto

    Is it easy to set up a company in UAE and use crypto (Bitcoin) which belongs today to me (private person) to transfer over into newly set up UAE based company and use it as a starting capital? The reason why I want to do this is to avoid wealth tax in NL.
  7. MiddleEuroAsia

    Binance gets banned by UK regulator

    From CNBC: LONDON – Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has been banned from operating in the U.K. by the country’s markets regulator, in the latest sign of a growing crackdown on the crypto market around the world. Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority said Saturday that Binance Markets Limited...
  8. A

    Hungarian crypto exchange service

    Hi all, looking for reliable exchange in Hungary. Crypto to cash.
  9. M

    50K copying Forex and Crypto Trades

    Hello everyone, I’d like to invest 50K USD on Forex and Crypto (short trading).. but I’m not an expert. Are there any platforms like eToro where we can copy mainly Forex and Crypto trades ? Thanks ln advance for your help
  10. T

    Crypto 2020 taxes USA residence future planning for confiscation; report or not report?

    Hello, new here. As a side note, are there any other places where tax strategies like this can be discussed openly? I haven't really found anywhere I can ask these kind of things? My taxes are due June 15th this year for 2020 tax year. I have yet to report any crypto on any of my taxes. I've...
  11. L

    Crypto Staking service, Please help

    Hey guys. I have been operating a Staking pool an i am now trying to incorporate and start cashing out some profits. I really want to go for an Offshore company for 3 reasons: A) I plan on traveling heavily in the next years so having a legal entity that manages all the finances of my...
  12. Blonk

    Cayman, BVI or UAE for Crypto Trader

    Hi guys, I am a crypto trader in a high tax jurisdiction and looking for the best location to form a company offshore to continue trading but not in a personal capacity and only pay dividends many years in the future. I've been looking for months to find a solution/best option with regards to...
  13. T

    Question What to do with legit 6-7 figures?

    Hi, I am new here and I would like to start a discussion on how to handle 6-7 figures (either USD or EUR) where all has been earned in a legit way and all the income taxes have been paid. The amount has to be used for daily life expenses, housing, maybe a new car, travels etc. Thus, the amount...
  14. P

    Binance SHIT

    Hello guys, Is anyone here had a problem with a Binance ? My bank rejected my withdraw from Binance and returned the funds back. But Binance is still holding my money with no reason. I tried support calling but it seems there is nobody working in there How to resolve this ??
  15. F

    Spending Crypto Gain Anonymously

    Hi everyone, I've accumulated a substantial amount of crypto wealth (mid 7 figures) and I would like to spend the interest that I get from that. I currently live in a High Tax European country. I'm spending around 100k Euro each year, and I'm seeing this number slightly increasing every year...
  16. Z

    US based crypto arbitrage corp seeking advice or partnerships

    Hello, I recently joined this forum and have been reading over some very well groomed advice here. Before putting some of it to work I thought I would make a post about my situation, I have run an algorithmic trade service for multiple years based in the US. In our early years (2014+) we traded...
  17. Mulan

    Crypto friendly PSP with a debit card

    Hi all, I am looking for a PSP somehwere where crypto to fiat conversion will be possible and accepts at least EU nationals for personal accounts. US too, if possible. It is also important that this Payment service allows them to get a debit card... Any card.
  18. J

    Is there any succes story from Dubai regarding crypto ?

    From getting the residence visa, staying 6 months there to transfer your funds safely to your home country ? I mean some first hand experience step by step with no weird setting company in your home country to transfer it. Searching I'm seeing problems with banks regarding crypto, 1 month...
  19. M

    Question Moving to Romania to cash out Bitcoin gains?

    Hey folks, lets say i bought some Bitcoin early this year and have the fear that the market will crash before my 1 year long-term tax ease comes into play... I read that lots of people suggest Cyprus and Portugal, which seems to be not entirely clear how they will tax it, i thought Romania...
  20. D

    Moving to Swiss from Germany?

    Hello guys, Im algo trading crypto on a private account in Germany and become very successful doing so. Right now thinking about leaving Germany and going to Swiss (zug) and trade there as a private person. As I understand there is a 20% Tax on it. That would be fine compared to 45% in Germany...
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