1. I'mRobot

    Kraken delayed payout!

    Two days ago I ordered a bank Withdrawal from Kraken to Wise, usually they are there the same day or at least the day after. Now 2 days later they are still not arrived! Do I need to worry about the situation? I have not yet wrote any support of this firms, waiting today to go and see.
  2. Z

    Question High volume fiat to crypto

    Hi everybody, Let me introduce myself: I'm a jeweller / gold trader working out of Turkey. I've been buying and selling usdt for cash here. And viceversa. Never bought usdt with a bank account. A customer of mine has a high volume of fiat (euro) every week with which he wants to buy crypto...
  3. G

    binance futures access via offshore entity

    Hi, I live in new zealand and like many others have just been shafted by the whole ftx fiasco. Binance NZ started in September and ever since then futures have been banned from the country (which f*****g sucks). Looking for guidance and help to setup an offshore company for the sole purpose of...
  4. PWG

    Advertising Payment solutions worldwide. A single acquiring account for your business

    LLP Pay Wings is a licensed payment aggregator (Payment Organization License issued by the National Bank of Kazakhstan No. 02-21-111 12.03.2021). We offer following services: — We accept and make multi-currency payments in USD, EUR from bank cards of any countries (except the USA and Canada)...
  5. M

    #FTX regulations..What option is quicker and safer

    Hello guys. Seeking for experts advice here please. Got 25K euro (fiat) on FTX, I was waiting for black friday discounts.. as you know. withdrawals are stopped due to FTT collapse. I didn't request for a refund yet.. Which option from the below is safer considering the regulations ran bu the...
  6. Buratino

    Need help - EMI for crypto company

    Hi guys! Need your support in opening account in EMI for crypto trading company. Company is EU Ltd, has a local EU license. Will check all offers, PM pls
  7. MiltonStone

    What's the best trade robot for crypto?

    I was wondering what the best trade robot is for crypto? Which platform is offering such service?
  8. K

    There is no EMI or bank that really supports crypto P2P - All Lies

    This is going to be my first post here, go easy on me. So, to start of the short story i am based between the UK/Dubai like a lot of people on this forum i have been indulging in P2P crypto trading for the purpose of making profits. i usually last a week till one of my bank accounts get frozen...
  9. azb1

    Binance to stop supporting USDC, the second largest stablecoin
  10. B

    How to target/get German customers !!!

    Hey! If you have a product that targets German customers (for ex: a product on Shopify) or for example you have crypto exchnage and you want to target Germans only. What are the marketing methods that you will work on to get German customers? - Are ads on Google/Linkedin/... good? - What...
  11. C review

    Anybody has used Gibraltar based xapo bank for sending money to crypto exchanges via SWIFT ? Any review about this bank ? Any guidance is highly appreciated.
  12. C

    Crypto friendly UAE bank

    So I have registered my company in Sharjah media City with business bank account in mashreq Neo biz.I have a resident visa and rent a apartment in Sharjah.I pay myself a salary into my personal account in USD.I intend to withdraw money from my personal account to deposit USD into binance via...
  13. B

    Buying crypto at market price !!

    Hey! Is there any way to buy cryptocurrencies at market price or lower? ! without any fees !, we are talking about +200k EUR. Are there any OTC desks? or platforms doing that? i checked kraken but there OTC prices +0.2-0.3% any suggestions?
  14. J

    Non KYC Visa/Master Debit Card for Myanmar.

    Hi All, need some advice and help. i am a crypto trader and due to 2021 coup and political changes in Myanmar, country become sanction by US and most of the crypto and digital wallet company dont accept our Visa/Master card anymore. I have tried many virtual debit card website to register but...
  15. 8

    Any locales left for future-proofed public record privacy?

    Hi, I live in the UK. I'm trying to start a crypto day trading firm, but don't want to release my accounts or directorship of the company into the public record. This is mainly just for personal privacy and avoiding people working out my overall trading strategies/replicating them. I'm not...
  16. Cocopops

    Dual rate on the belarusian ruble

    Because of sanction on ruble, the belarusian ruble has a dual price in the world we can see on the photo that google have pain to choose wich one is the good, I was in belarus 6 month ago and I was able with revolut to use my card at the advantagous rate when for example n26 was giving me the...
  17. Kimi

    Question C2B exchange set up

    Hi everyone, I have an EU company that wants to do crypto exchange. I do not want to deal with licensing right now, the business model would look like this: We would be targeting the clients who want to buy Crypto but do not know how to do it or do not have time to deal with it. We will be...
  18. Martin Everson

    Crypto Exchange Coinbase Reports $1.1B Loss --- quote start At the end of the first quarter, Coinbase's customers had $256 billion worth of assets on its platform. By the end of the next quarter, that amount had dropped by 63% to $96...
  19. LuckyLuciano

    Wyoming LLC - Buy Crypto

    Hey Folks, I own a Wyoming LLC and my bank account is registered with Mercury. I'm a non-US citizen. I was wondering if I am allowed to use my company CC in order to purchase crypto? Also, what are the best exchanges for buying crypto for my company - I was mostly considering Binance and FTX...
  20. Gediminas

    Crypto authorized activities in Lithuania – regulatory updates

    Hey guys, Will Lithuania remain a crypto hub in Europe? After common discussions between parliament, service providers, and authorities (Financial Crime Investigation Service and Bank of Lithuania), the government of Lithuania introduced new changes concerning the virtual currency exchange...