1. A

    Structuring a crypto / fx business.

    Hello everybody, apologies if this isn't the correct forum since I wasn't really sure where to post this. I have a couple of questions in regards to structuring a crypto / fx business. I can't go into too much detail but what needs to happen is the following: I need a (quite) lawsuit-proof...
  2. S

    Need OffShore Advice For Trading Bitcoin - Many Questions!

    Hey Everyone, I am thinking about beginning trading bitcoin (LocalBitCoins) and want to do so using an off shore company. I'm looking for a country/location with low taxes and is relatively easy to open. Which country/location would you recommend? And around how much should it cost? What...
  3. Almouk

    Best countries to reduce taxes for traders as only source of income

    I am a citizen from an EU country. I want to trade under my name, being trading my only source of income. No other Jobs involved. No intrested at first in set up a company or other structures. Np problema at all for stay over 183 days in an EU country. I have the purpose of trade...
  4. C

    Setting up Company and Bank account for Remittance and Cryptocurrency investment

    Hello, I have a real estate and investment consulting business that deals with foreign clients and I get paid in USD. I also want to invest in crypto. unfortunately my country doesn't allow crypto investments. Can i set up an offshore company and Bank account where my clients can deposit my...
  5. Nefarious

    Offshore business for crypto trading

    Hello, I'm a Spanish citizen living in Spain right now and I'd like to set up an offshore company with the sole purpose of trading crypto. 1. What country do you advise? I was thinking Belize myself... 2. Is getting a mistertango/bank account feasible these days? If now, do you recommend any...
  6. GiGoGo

    Wyoming — yes, Wyoming — races to fill crypto-banking void Let's see if they can legitimize crypto business
  7. C

    Is it possible to operate an offshore company while avoiding corporate tax residency in the UK?

    Hi, I'm a crypto trader in the UK and I would like to setup an offshore company in a zero corp tax jurisdiction. I don't mind paying income/dividend tax in my home country but I would like some control over what my taxable income in the UK is i.e. I don't want to be taxed on the entirety of my...
  8. N

    Ontario LP for crypto trading

    Hey everyone, So the goal is to transfer my crypto inside an offshore company and pay as little corporate tax as possible. Aside that I would get tax residency in a territorial taxation country to avoid tax on worldwide income. Would a Ontario LP be suitable and easy for this ? would I be able...
  9. O

    If not having money in crypto, then in what?

    So my friend got into crypto pretty early on and has now amassed a pretty penny. The wisdom goes "don't keep all your eggs in one basket", but we all know how hard cashing out crypto is. But an even bigger problem comes to mind. So, you have managed to cash out a 7-digit amount into fiat. What...
  10. G

    How to choose a cryptocurrency exchange

    Hello, I want you to answer a few questions about the account of the online cryptocurrency exchange. 1. How do you choose an exchanger (what criteria, preferences)? 2. What problems do you encounter during the exchange? 3. How do you feel about registering for a service? 4. What repels in the...
  11. F

    Discover: Estonian crypto company uses swiss bank account

    Hey folks. Just discovered that nexo .io, crypto loan company registered under Estonian law uses Swiss bank account to accept payments, in particular InCore Bank AG Does anyone hear anything about InCore Bank AG?
  12. lrotter

    Looking for loyal PSPs

    Hello Members! Currently we are looking for PSP services. We are assisting high risk business (forex, crypto and gaming) registered in offshore and Europe (UK, Estonia, Malta and several more). Does anyone know providers that on board such type of clients? We know it's now mostly Africa, Mexico...
  13. malospal

    (Crypto) Singapore company remote opening?

    Hello friends Help me please. I have Singapore company with Australian UBO. The company uses the web platform for Crypto trading of personal funds. I need crypto friendly bank or EMI with remote opening
  14. L


    Hi guys, I have a lot of affiliates who wants to be paid in Crypto, wich i totally understand..... What are the best exchange to buy BTX from FIAT, for my company. Privacy is not an issue. KYC must be as light as possible and fees also. Thanks
  15. F

    Cheapest easiest country to form a crypto exchange

    I'm a programmer working on a experimental crypto exchange, with many advanced trading features, adding many unpopular experimental shitcoins along with popular ones. I know Estonia is good. But I'm looking for other cheaper options and with less legal hassle like Estonia, since I'm still a...
  16. cryptovkng

    Register offshore company for crypto trading - Belize?

    Hi guys :) I want to register an offshore company which I will use purely for cryptocurrency trading. The main reason is to avoid paying corporate tax of the profits I make from the trading activity, but I do want to report profits I cash out as income to the country where I'm tax resident. I...
  17. S

    Company Formation for HNWI Crypto Trader

    Hi, Offshore company formation is quite a new area for me as I have been operating completely in the dark until now. I am a Portuguese citizen currently living in Spain (tax residency). I am essentially looking for a tax-efficient solution to incorporate a company which can be the vehicle...
  18. lrotter

    Where to establish Crypto exchange licensed?

    Hello All! After new regulations in Estonia with their financial authority they require personal visits of UBO/AML officer to meet the regulator. It makes impossible for the companies with "hired" UBO to be registered. Any suggestions where to register LICENSED crypto exchange instead?
  19. E

    Banks & EMIs with personal IBAN + Virtual Credit Card

    Hello Guys, i am looking for a European Bank/Emi that issues a personal IBAN (Beneficary has to be Account owner) and Virtual Credit Cards. The Account should be easy to open by european citizen. I have already looked up the "main" Banks like: Revolut, Bunq, N26 etc. The Verification...
  20. jakonda

    New crypto&internet business friendly bank in the making (Malta)

    Just came across an info that new crypto, internet business, startups, etc. friendly bank called Founders Bank is in the making in the beautiful island of Malta. CEO is ex-Deutche i-banker, their c-level team also looks legit with strong background. I think it could be interesting to follow the...