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  1. B

    CFC rules as a non-dom resident in cyprus

    Hello, I was thinking about moving to Cyprus and becoming a non-dom tax resident there (plan to actually live there). I wanted to open a Swiss company for trading crypto. Everything is legal and I don't try to avoid taxes or anything. How strict are the CFC rules there, considering that there is...
  2. O

    Question UK Non-Dom, Professional work done outside the UK remittance basis ?

    Hi, I hope some one can answer my question. Here is my situation, I am Domiciled within UK since 2020 April, Resident and Ordinarily Resident. I own 100% of a UK company pay my self a salary (PAYE), take profits and declare my taxes (self assessment) to HMRC both personal and the companies. My...
  3. P

    Invoicing through a CFC in the UK?

    I'm a software developer working 100% remotely. Currently, I'm living in Malta but I'm thinking about moving to Cyprus. All my clients are currently in the UK. I found that, for some reason, some UK companies are not enthusiastic about working with Cypriot companies (although they didn't have a...
  4. W

    Effective place of management and CFC laws

    Hello everyone, I am a cryptocurrency trader and looking to set up an offshore company to better manage the profits. I have done a lot of research and Malta or BVI look the most promising. From what I understand, Malta would be 11.66% tax on crypto gains with a 2 company (holding and trading)...
  5. A

    In need of advice for shareholder services

    Hello, gentlemen! A newbie here, at this forum. Would really like to hear your opinions and possible advice regarding my situation. We are a UK IT startup, and we are looking for tax optimization. It’s a legit business selling market data online. The reason we are looking for the shareholder is...
  6. mnschwarz

    Will the company be private if nominee directors not 'originally' used?

    Hi guys, I have a couple offshore companies of which I am the director and shareholder. I haven't worried about my name being on documents too much as I am a resident of Panama and don't pay tax offshore anyway. My partner now is wanting to relocate back to Germany and doing so I will get...
Offshore Bank Accounts
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