UK Ltd with emi bank account
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  1. alexsports

    Looking for consultant for an sportsbook company.

    Hello, I am working on an online sportsbook and casino online site with some developers. However, into some problems. First, online gaming is illegal in my country. second is that have to use an offshore company to provide development and services. Some gambling sites use turnkey systems...
  2. V

    Recommendations needed

    Hi to all. I work for a cleaning company that covers London only and we are facing a lot of taxes as the company is registered in the UK. We are looking for some offshore solutions to this problem so I wish to ask the experts here what would you recommend? All the workers are contractors with...
  3. Dubsize

    Bank account for UK LTD

    Hi All, what's the best juridiction to open a bank account for a U.K LTD? or the best EMI? For info - i'm not a U.K citizen nor Resident. I am french. this account would receive 1 wire a month from a U.S company and money would come from their U.S bank account. The amount of this wire is...
  4. Z

    Getting the Bulgarian residency

    Hello Guys, I'm new here. Nice to meet you all. Small introduction, I'm a French citizen trying to move to Bulgaria to enjoy the 10% flat tax on pretty much everything and especially the one that interest me the most : the capital gain. I am financially self-sufficient and I was wondering if...
  5. E

    EMIs for offshore corporate accounts?

    Which EMIs would you suggest to use for opening an account for a Seychelles company? Which EMIs accept corporate accounts?
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