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  1. Icandbacc

    Question How are US-Based Puerto Rico Banks "Offshore"?

    For example, checking GK Bank International, with headquarters in San Juan PR -- even mentioning "USA" as Country instead of Puerto Rico on their website, even though it's actually Puerto Rico, I am not quite sure.. There is a difference between USA and Puerto Rico when it comes to...
  2. tradingworldwide321

    Question What are the tax implications of AEOI CRS when you are a beneficiary?

    Hello everyone. I hope you are doing very well. As I Have been learning a lot there's a question that comes to my mind. Let's imagine you are the UBO of foundations and trust entities and hire staff to manage it for you like manager, director and secretary. However you have corporate...
  3. A

    Online brokers and CRS

    Hi guys, So, I heard that the Interactive Broker has many branches (UK IB, AU IB, HK IB etc). And except for IB LLC in the US, these branches are joined with CRS. My questions: 1. Can investors choose to be registered as a US IB client? 2. Are there other online brokers who don't join CRS...
  4. W

    CRS(AEOI): by citizenship or by residency?

    Hi community, Situation: i have private account opened in some country, that is going to make first CRS report soon. Account is on the EU passport, but i live in another EU country. Question: where will they send it (and if they will do it at all?) in case if account is opened on the local...
  5. P

    Does CRS effect real estate?

    Can’t find an answer to this question. If I have a house in the UK and I am from France. Does the UK exchange information about a house I have in the UK in the same way they do with bank accounts and bank account balances at end of year. Thanks
  6. Ryanab

    Avoid CRS REPORTING with N26

    Hey offshore community, this is by no mean an advice but I noticed something very interesting with N26, they let you change your TAX resdiency country and TIN (Tax identification number) so they ask these infos to every customer and they clearly specify it's for CRS reporting reasons ( Why we...
  7. Benzouser

    PAYEER CRS-reporting

    PAYEER® New message from Payeer Support. Ticket 2617514 Date: 01.08.2020 09:17:29 Title: CRS-Reporting Payeer Support: Dear user, We don’t provide reports. Only by request of tax authorities or police we provide information we have about clients. Best regards, Support service.
  8. Benzouser

    News from our favorit (Non-CRS)

    I did ask about CRS reporting today from support section at : Reply was : Hi there, Thanks for reaching out. We do not share information about your account with governments unless we are under a legal obligation to do so. For example, a lawful subpoena, warrant, or court order...
  9. B

    Churn offshore companies to dodge detection in eu home country

    Starting an offshore company with me as public shareholder, use it for one year and then close the company. I figure that there will not be any requests from my home country to the offshore location for at least one or two years after the incorporation date. Is the risk of getting...
  10. Susanlove

    online sales and CRS

    hello everyone! I am so happy to find this community where I can learn more about the OECD CRS reporting. I am from Asia and sell on ETSY online site (an Ireland-based company where CRS applies). I would like to know if there is any risk of being reported under CRS by selling on ETSY. ETSY is...
  11. Tax Cow

    How to Avoid CRS - 3 Options as of 2019

    Hello, A few members have reached out and asked for private advice on how to proceed in regards to my comments in this thread: Residence for bank account and offshore company I'm not on this forum for financial gain or service advertisement reasons. With that said, I will not engage in...