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  1. tacokai

    Question What is the best exchange trading altcoins?

    I would like to hear from you guys what is the best crypto exchange service if I primary want to trade altcoins? Please suggest your best advice, looking at kraken it seems not to be the best.
  2. diablo

    Someone has first hand review of changelly.com ?

    I just found the website https://changelly.com/ which seems to be reliable and to be able to Exchange cryptocurrency to other crypto. This is exactly what I was looking for but I don't know if this service / website is reliable ot just some trash?? Anyone with first hand experience or link to...
  3. diablo

    What wallet to use for LiteCoin, Monero and DeCred?

    I need to find a wallet for these three cryptocurrencies something I can trust and where I'm able to buy them for Money? Additionally I need a way to get them exchanged into real money again if needed. What service would you recommend for this task? I need something simple and more "direct"...
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