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  1. S

    What Are Common Banking Solutions For Delaware Companies?

    I'm a non-resident in Delaware and I'm planning to register my second company in this State. I just wonder that how I could manage my business finances such as business transactions or payment receipts from customers. How to open a business account without coming here and passing lots of...
  2. kriyazen

    EMI for an UEA FZ LLC

    Does any of you friendly people know of any EMI that excepts UAE FZ LLC and preferably issues debit cards in Euro? In a nutshell, I'm looking for a Wise Boadersless Business or Revolut Business copycat where I could hold and transact in multiple currencies. Thank you!
  3. N

    Bitsafe stole my money, please I need help on how to report them to the Financial Authorities

    Hello Guys I am still having a problem getting my money from my Bitsafe Talent account Its now 3 weeks since Bitsafe closed my account with no reason First, I opened a personal account with Bitsafe for my savings in February this year. My account was approved and there was no problem Then...
  4. lrotter

    SEPA to SWIFT gateways

    Hello members :) I have several clients dealing with financial services and acting as financial institutions. All of them are HK, Singapore, Brazil and South Africa registered. They have opened Sepa and Swift accounts for processing clients funds (accounts are non-dedicated for their clients...
  5. A

    Your thoughts about Capitalixe

    Hey, gentlemen. Have you had any experience with Capitalixe? I was trying to open a business account with DynaPay, but they said that they can't proceed with the account opening and forwarded my application to their partner, which is Capitalixe. Would like to hear your thoughts regarding that EMI.
  6. Admin

    Top 10 EMIs On The Market – Guides, Benefits, Regulations & Quick Reviews For Better Decisions

    An electronic money institution is responsible for a single financial product – electronic money. This type of money can be used for all kinds of transactions, including enterprises from all industries – other than the actual electronic money institutions. Obviously, such institutions – often...
  7. W

    EUR bank account / EMI account for B2B crypto-related transactions

    Hello, I'm looking for an EMI/bank account(s) for moving large sums (100k-400k EUR per week). The funds will be received from crypto exchanges -> transferred to the account in question and then sent to multiple (5-20) companies. The actual service I'm providing is obviously crypto exchange...
  8. MrTony

    EMI, which provides the possibility to top-up account by card

    Hello! I need the next solution - open account in EMI, which provides the possibility to top-up it by my own VISA or Mastercard.
  9. A

    BEST EMI for hiding Identity ( easy verification )

    hi guys i wish you doing well , so i would ask you to share with us your experiences with EMI verification for me i successfully verified Transferwise business account with electronic identity , they didn't ask for selfie ID verification for the business account but now i wanna find another...
  10. Sir Gelato

    Prominence Bank Comoro Island

    Hello Guys, I've been searching for Banks on Comoro Island, and I've find out Prominence Bank, has anybody work with them or have any review if they are some kind of fraud or are real. Based on many posts of the forum talking about the Fake Banks of the Comoro Island, it is quite usually to...
  11. aage

    Do you know connectpay ?

    I have been looking around to see what options I have for banking & found this IBAN Accounts | ConnectPay | Banking made easy! They charge big setup fee at €250 to up!!! Is they are good or they not I can't decide?
  12. TRX

    For GBP EMI What is better TransferWise or Tide.co?

    I would like to know what you guys find to be the best EMI banking for a UK LTD? Either TransferWise or Tide.co ? In average I will have aprox 25K euro going thru the account each month. I need something that is just close to be reliable. It is a fully legal setup no tax evasion no privacy...
  13. T

    IBANERA - any reviews ?

    surfing the web, found Home - Ibanera Ibanera operates under UAB Phoenix Payments, a company registered in Lithuania (a European Union member state) with company code 304920426 and with registered address at Mesiniu g. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania. UAB Phoenix Payment is an Electronic Money...
  14. lrotter

    eWallet solution for a South African company

    Hello! Maybe you could advise. We need an EMI solution for a South African company, Business activity of the company is giving call center services to offshore company’s that hold forex brands. Would be very grateful for your recommendations. Thanks.
  15. H

    Financial statements for EMI

    Hello everybody, Since few weeks, an EMI requests financial statements of our company. Our business account is opened since 2 years but since few months this EMI requests to much stuff. What are the rules about financial statements communication to EMI? Thank you
  16. Z

    EMI or Bank account for Scottish LP to pay suppliers

    I am looking for EMI or a Bank account to do regular payouts to our suppliers, 50-500€ per payment. API integration to send payments would be preferred. Funds would be coming from legitimate online business' merchant accounts. Currently using Mistertango but need an alternative. Transferwise...
  17. J

    EMI / Bank Account for an UK LLP with an Offshore Partner

    Hi guys, we have a small UK LLP with two partners - one is an individual, another one is a Belize IBC. We are providing IT services for german business partner Currently we have a paysera account, but yesterday we have received following email: we would like to inform you that as the...
  18. Kievcash

    best EMI account

    Hello, What are the best EMI account for UK LTD with non resident, EU resident ? must be GBP and USD if possible But GBP Priority regards
  19. W

    Moneynetint.com is a waste of time

    I started the procedure of opening a personal account with Moneynetint about 1 month ago and still now they don’t activate the account. I send them all the documents and informations when I started the procedure, but they are continuing to send me an email once a week asking the same...
  20. Nanoo

    Protonmail.com to open EMIs?

    Someone successfully opened a EMI account + ID verification using a proton mail? Is that true it's more complicated to pass through verification using this encrypted mail service?
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