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  1. pesto

    Is this real? Exodus asset vulnerable

    I keep getting this email: The email address is this one: [email protected] Is this a Phishing mail?
  2. ImKing

    Exchange from Tether USD to BTC costs 70 EURO !!!

    I'm a satisfied user of Exodus.io for a long time, today I got my first disappointing effect from this company. I exchanged 1400 euro worth in Tether USD to BTC and got 1330 fixed rate in BTC :mad: What is that about......I'm so damn frustrated.
  3. Spinat

    Someone using Exodus.io ?

    Some time ago I read about Exodus.io and many other crupto exchange services and programs. I chose the Ledger hardware wallet at that time. It works super well for me but I miss a somewhat better graphical user interface. I've installed Exodus on my desktop right now, it looks cool and gives a...