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  1. J

    Paypal Hong Kong for who did it, how did you do it?

    Hello, I just opened a company in Hong kong, my main goal is to open a Paypal business account, for the people who did it, what were the requirements? i would have trouble with providing a residence proof (i dont live in Hong kong) and i don't have a physical office. Business bank account...
  2. marc42

    Tax information for HK company for remote software consulting

    Hello, I have a company incorporated in Hong Kong (with a bank account in HK) that I used to do software development consulting. We do not have an office anywhere, no employee, or anything else. It's just my computer and I. I also do not pay myself any salary. I invoice the client using the...
  3. B

    Has Hong Kong lost its "business" appeal?

    I know some of you are running companies in HK. Do you guys feel that with the recent developments in Hong Kong (US-China troubles, New security law, etc.), it's better to change jurisdiction? How do you guys feel about it? Disclaimer: I'm looking to incorporate in Asia and HK was at the...
  4. capotera

    Cyprus non-dom plus HK Offshore tax strategy opinion

    Hi, I have a high tax European passport and I will move to Cyprus to take advantage of the non-dom tax regime. I develop my own iOS/Android apps so my income (about 70k a year) is coming from both Apple and Admob/Google. Important fact here is that Admob/Google forces both the company and bank...
  5. K

    Most reliable EMI for Hong Kong

    Hello, What do you think is the most reliable EMI for HK company. I want to be able to send/receive SWIFT payments in USD. Business activity is online advertising. Transferwise doesn't work with with HK. Are there any other companies like TW?
  6. GiGoGo

    Coronavirus: Hong Kong to quarantine all arrivals from abroad

    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-51921515 Bad times for opening a bank account here or visiting the city for doing business. But definetly a good place to be after you pass the quarantine, the bars are open and no movement restrictions inside the territory. Also low infection rate...
  7. L

    PSP requires processing history for HK Ltd

    Hello, I am in E-Commerce and since 6 months i own a HK Ltd. Before I went to HK I processed around 500k$ a month with a EU entity. Because i totally underestimated the PSP & Banking hassle with „start up“ offshore company‘s, we didn’t manage it until today to get back to this revenue level...
  8. D

    Hong Kong LLC controlled by a Chinese company for legal protection

    The thread title may sound counter-intuitive, but let me explains the details: Bob is running a profitable SaaS platform that is sightly allegal from the eyes of a large US company, mainly because of disloyal competence. There is a significant chance that the US company start suing...
  9. S

    Offshore property investment

    Hi all, looking for some advice here as I’m unsure where I should be focussing my attention. I’m an AU citizen who wishes to start purchasing properties in Eastern Europe, renovating them and then and listing via AirBnb (holy rental yields) most of the profit will be reinvested, however I would...
  10. TacitusKilgore

    Accounting and audit in Hong Kong

    Hi all, Thought I'd make a thread for discussion regarding accounting and auditing in Hong Kong. I have a background in accounting and would be more than comfortable doing my own accounting for a company incorporated in Hong Kong. Does anyone know if there are firms that will let you do your...
  11. M

    Hong Kong company with bank account

    Dear All, Could you share some companies (webpages) who can help us establish a hong kong based company with a HK bank account ( it is ok that it is neccessary to open the account at HK personally) ? Also it will be really helpful if you share your own personal stories, which one is...
  12. N

    Hong Kong Nominees for PayPal/Stripe [Urgent]

    Hello, I am acquiring a business that handles all of its subscriptions through PayPal/Stripe. Unfortunately, Stripe accepts a very limited number of countries: Stripe: In Ihrem Land To maintain the subscriptions, I am planning to incorporate in Hong Kong and using a nominee. However, I am...
  13. U

    Forex Trading for Indian Individual

    Hi all, I have looked up on A LOT of information on the internet so far and still feel lost and confused about offshore companies. As an Indian citizen and resident, forex trading is illegal. I would like to invest/trade in Forex market as I have been doing good in Forex trading since last...
  14. J

    Change agent of a HK compay

    Dear All, the company which established for us a HongKong company not exist anymore. We are seeking for an agent in HK to manage it and renew it? this agent should accept PayPal (Money transfer or Western not accepted)
  15. O

    Best Bank Account Option for Hong Kong OffShore Company?

    Hello everybody, I'm having some trouble in opening a corporate bank account for my Hong Kong Company. Does anyone knows another good and reliable offshore country in which it's easy to open a offshore, 0% taxation, bank account? I sell products and services through ecommerce all over the...
  16. B

    Delaware LLC + UK/HK bank account

    Hello everyone. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who keeps this forum so informative and useful. Let me cut to the chase. I am looking for options to establish a Delaware LLC (not a concern) and a UK/HK bank account in order to conduct completely legal commodities trading (sourced mostly...
  17. Bmw850

    Hong Kong company how is the privacy ?

    Hi, For my business Hong Kong company is well accepted ( electronic product, smartphone ...) I think about creating one but: How is the privacy ? How are the banks there?
  18. I

    Merchant account for Hong Kong company

    So about a year ago I opened a company in Hong Kong, and now I just finished the development of an ecommerce store. I want to start accepting card payments on the site, but the merchant accounts I have applied with, all of them require a bank statement. I have a Neat.hk business account but...
  19. J

    Startupr Hong Kong Limited. Reliability

    Dear All, Someone had experience with company STARTUPR HK LTD? they have quite professional system and advanced features. but are they professional or just scammers with technology? Please advise?
  20. J

    UK VS Scotland VS Marshal Island VS Vanuatu VS HK

    Dear gurus Let us share our expertise to find the best jurisdiction for 1. Easy to operate without license 2. Easy to maintain 3. bank friendly 4. cost
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