nevis company formation

  1. S

    Digital services (Subscription) looking for 0% tax jurisdiction

    Hi there! After 2 weeks reading all of you guys, I need more advise than ever. My associate and I are gonna launch a new software solution and we are gonna go nomad next year. We are from Spain. We were thinking about Nevis with a bank account there. Everything is legal. Yet we don't know...
  2. M

    Which company can help me with setup Nevis Company with Bank account

    Dear People, I'm looking to set up an offshore company for internet business. I'm an expat traveling and living around the globe, every few years I move to a different country. So setting up a company in the current country I live now and having to close when I move again doesn't make any...
  3. DeepDrilling

    Nevis and St. Vincent goos entities or crap?

    First of all I don't get it, is Nevis the same as St. Vincent corps or why are these almost always mentioned together in any sentences? Are they still useful? Sorry for my stupid question :)