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  1. phatboy

    Privacy reasons - Not tax avoidance, advice please.

    I run a number of UK Ltd companies and am a UK resident. I have recently been dragged into a frivolous lawsuit from a rival company who tried to sue my UK Ltd Company, and want to avoid this happening to my other companies as it was a costly waste of time. So I have been thinking about going...
  2. A

    US Citizen - Offshore Foundation Tax Question

    I'm going to set up an offshore foundation for donation purposes for me and a few others - does anyone know if (since I'm a US citizen) I will still have to file a 990-PF form with the IRS related to this offshore private foundation? On 990s, I know you have to disclose all donors that have...
  3. A

    Business Paypal or Payoneer for Belize, Nevis, Cayman Islands IBC

    Suppose one has an IBC in Belize with a bank account in Belize or an IBC in Nevis with a bank account in Nevis or an IBC in Cayman with a bank account in Cayman. Is it possible to get a Paypal or Payoneer business account and receive one monthly payment from an EU partner and then transfer that...
  4. M

    Which company can help me with setup Nevis Company with Bank account

    Dear People, I'm looking to set up an offshore company for internet business. I'm an expat traveling and living around the globe, every few years I move to a different country. So setting up a company in the current country I live now and having to close when I move again doesn't make any...
  5. E

    Payment Gateway + Business Structure for Design Industry

    Industry: Explainer Videos. Clients: from the US mostly. Payment Gateways needed, any of the payment gateways supported by clickfunnels: Apple/Android Pay Authorize.net Bluesnap EasyPayDirect Infusionsoft NMI (Gateway Funnel Pros) OntraPort Recurly Stripe I thought about Belize and Nevis , and...
  6. miner

    Nevis Multiform Foundation LLC

    Nevis Multiform Foundation LLC looks pretty cool. How come it has never been mentioned in these forums? Anyone having any experiences with it? It's a foundation and at the same time allowed to do business because it is at the same time also an LLC if I understand this right. Is a Nevis...
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