US Citizen - Offshore Foundation Tax Question


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I'm going to set up an offshore foundation for donation purposes for me and a few others - does anyone know if (since I'm a US citizen) I will still have to file a 990-PF form with the IRS related to this offshore private foundation? On 990s, I know you have to disclose all donors that have given over $5k.

I know since I am setting it up, I will be implicated in the foundation, but I don’t want to expose any of the other individuals as donors through this foundation because they highly value their privacy. This is not to get around paying US taxes, I'm fine with taxes, I just want the ins and outs of the foundation (who donated, where did they donate) to stay private. Also I've settled on Nevis for the location of the foundation. Any help or insight related to this? Love this community. Thanks.