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  1. S

    Filing LLC Forms to IRS 2021

    Hello, this is the first presentation that I have to do, if someone with experience can contact a CPA or some site that does this or if it is possible to do it yourself the forms 5472 and 1120? or it is necessary to hire a third party, if there are people who have already made their annual...
  2. R

    How can I get an ITIN number for non US resident by myself?

    Has anyone used services for ITIN application? Some do not entertain non-residents who does not have any grounds to get an ITIN. I am trying to get an ITIN because I want to open an account in the US as Transferwise closed my account. I have seen some sites where they offer issuing of ITIN for...
  3. Conduit

    Question Has anyone had experience dealing with the IRS-CI?

    I understand that you have to contact them in order to get assets back from enterprises that have been forfeited/seized/shutdown. I have also heard they do a preliminary investigation on the person who requests/claims money that was seized back, does anyone have experience with this agency (IRS...
  4. A

    US Citizen - Offshore Foundation Tax Question

    I'm going to set up an offshore foundation for donation purposes for me and a few others - does anyone know if (since I'm a US citizen) I will still have to file a 990-PF form with the IRS related to this offshore private foundation? On 990s, I know you have to disclose all donors that have...
  5. Jack Dui

    "The age of financial privacy is over" Really?

    In recent time, i see lots of discussion about anonymity issues. They all are talking about IRS, FATCA and #panamaPapers. Over 100 nations have already agreed to provide the IRS with such information, including Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. So...
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