offshore foundation

  1. A

    US Citizen - Offshore Foundation Tax Question

    I'm going to set up an offshore foundation for donation purposes for me and a few others - does anyone know if (since I'm a US citizen) I will still have to file a 990-PF form with the IRS related to this offshore private foundation? On 990s, I know you have to disclose all donors that have...
  2. M

    Asset preservation options

    Due to all the changes in the offshore world lately, I decided not to use my Belize IBC anymore for business transactions. Since there are still considerable assets on the accounts of this IBC, I wondered what the best action to take would be with the purpose of holding/preserving the assets...
  3. negon

    Offshore Trust the only real asset and privacy protection?

    With all the hype around OECD, TIEA, Double Tax reaties, Automatic tax information exchange, FATCA and what else they have found out to apply to this damn world, is an Offshore Trust the only possible entity left that will protect your assets and privacy? If so, where has one to register his...