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  1. D

    Building&banking* my own invented gaming/business.

    I wish to get some advice regarding how to make possible the creation of my own company. I used to work doing millions of transactions per day & collecting commissions, for Bank of America. That experience, lead me to build a software and idea that is not accepted by Paypal, or normal banking...
  2. C

    Hello World!

    Hello guys! First off i'd love to say is i love your site. I am one that is not easily amused or perky but the amount of quality content on this site is staggering. Ive only been here less than a day and i have learned so much already. I am new to the offshore world and i am actively seeking...
  3. negon

    New merchant account

    Does anyone know of a reputable merchant that will accept a uk company with charge backs 2 - 3% monthly turnover £300k ?
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