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    Hello guys!

    First off i'd love to say is i love your site. I am one that is not easily amused or perky but the amount of quality content on this site is staggering. Ive only been here less than a day and i have learned so much already.

    I am new to the offshore world and i am actively seeking it for a new business venture i want to start up. I've decided to go online and want to bank remotely. Ive read online and on places on here that there is a possible to get offshore accounts for 200 dollars/pounds/euros. i was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for this. Also if you know a good web developer, that would be amazing.

    Thanks again!
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    Welcome aboard, I hope you enjoy your stay thu&¤#

    Sorry offshore accounts for 200 it can only be if you incorporate your business somewhere at the same time ;)
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    Could you elaborate? somehow I'm even more interested with that comment
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    You may want to open an thread :)