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nominee director for offshore company

  1. Creocree

    Mentor Group Gold - AD Thread! Companies with EMI for sale (100% Anonymous)

    1. UK LTD with EMI + BUSINESS VISA (100% Anonymous) You get: Incorporation documents, UTR number, Memorandum & Articles Scanned nominee documents (Real not fake): Passport + utility bills. European director and shareholder UK phone number, additional KYC available. Available: Additional EMI...
  2. D

    Nominee directors in Montenegro

    Hello! Is anyone incorporated in Montenegro? I would like to know if there are any reliable providers of nominee directors in this country? Do you think that having a company incorporated in Montenegro + a local nominee director and an office would work well with the Portuguese NHR? Thanks a lot
  3. D

    Nominee directors in Romania

    Hello there! Does anyone know a trustworthy provider for nominee directors in Romania? On this forum I've found some recommendations for such providers in Bulgaria, but I'm looking for those in Romania specifically
  4. P

    Reliable offshore formation agent for SVG + a ND available to sign anything

    Hello, I have reviewed for quite some time the threads on the forum and still can not find an reputable agent that can open an LLC in the SVG (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) + (Nominee Director) ND. I have contacted multiple companies found on Google and I am in deeply in the talks with one...
  5. J

    Limits of a nominee director and betting company feasibility

    Hello everyone, I’m running since many years a business from France as algorithm provider in the betting sector. 
 As I'm a French resident I'm unable to access some Exchanges betting websites (eg: Betfair).
 I'm considering to create a company (in an allowed country) that would act as « bettor...
  6. E

    Questions about Nominees

    Just a couple questions regarding nominees - If you decide to choose a nominee to open a bank account for you for privacy, i hear many people saying "choose someone you trust". What if you DONT have someone you trust?, bearing in mind that "someone you trust" would be maybe a family member...
  7. blizz

    Why it is better to have a nominee director?

    Can you tell me if it is better to have a nominee director or to use "darks" ? I can read that from legal point of view it is better with a nominee director to sign for company matters!