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    Questions about Nominees

    Just a couple questions regarding nominees - If you decide to choose a nominee to open a bank account for you for privacy, i hear many people saying "choose someone you trust". What if you DONT have someone you trust?, bearing in mind that "someone you trust" would be maybe a family member...
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    Hong Kong Nominees for PayPal/Stripe [Urgent]

    Hello, I am acquiring a business that handles all of its subscriptions through PayPal/Stripe. Unfortunately, Stripe accepts a very limited number of countries: Stripe: In Ihrem Land To maintain the subscriptions, I am planning to incorporate in Hong Kong and using a nominee. However, I am...
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    How do offshore firms recruit nominee directors? I'm under impression that they use fake names.
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    Prevent Subpoenas and Frivolous Lawsuits

    I'm new to offshoring and I would like to setup an offshore company that I can use with maybe a nominee director(or shareholder) to register all my hosting accounts, paypal, etc. and not reveal myself as the owner if the company is subpoenaed in a civil lawsuit - as the person who subpoenas my...
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    When do you need nominees?

    I am about to form my LLC in Nevis and I'm deciding if I want to have nominees or not. What would be the advantages? What would be the disadvantages? My residency is in a non-collaborative country with Nevis and I think there is no public registry there, so I should be covered privacy-wise...
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    Setup Company + Nominees + Paypal + Bank Account: As a Package

    Hi guys, Im looking for a service that will provide the above as a package. The nominees have to be provided by the company so to protect my privacy. Can you recommend a service that has all those as a package ? thanks
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