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    American offshore bank account for non-US citizens

    Hi, After spending hours searching the threads on here, I would like to ask in this new post please: 1) Has anyone made a list of American banks where non-US citizens can open a bank account online without visiting America? A list would be nice as I am sure each bank will have some tiny...
  2. R

    How can I get an ITIN number for non US resident by myself?

    Has anyone used services for ITIN application? Some do not entertain non-residents who does not have any grounds to get an ITIN. I am trying to get an ITIN because I want to open an account in the US as Transferwise closed my account. I have seen some sites where they offer issuing of ITIN for...
  3. W

    Debit/prepaid cards for NON-EEA residents

    Which are the best debit / prepaid cards to withdraw money for NON-EEA residents?
  4. blip

    offshore structure for IT consultant in EU with EU clients

    This forum is great, this is my first post. I’m looking to establish an offshore structure to bill for IT consultancy services in Europe (in my own country of residence). I don’t want my name to appear anywhere on any contract towards the clients. So a nominee director is a must. I'm thinking...
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