UK Ltd with emi bank account
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  1. Sir Gelato

    Question Offshore Invest Structure

    Hi everybody, here's the deal. I'm looking if it would be possible to create an offshore or onshore company that can allow me to manage client funds without having any licenses (like forex, investment vehicles, etc etc.) The structure is very simple if It's possible, a customer, business or...
  2. D

    Need advise for offshore + merchant account

    Hello, I have a business operating from Mexico, but we want to avoid paying such high taxes that we pay in Mexico and go offshore. We are a software as a service business... We automate sales outreach for b2b companies. I have been struggling to know what and where to incoporate since we find...
  3. D

    On line software business

    Im looking to avoid paying taxes... Where do you recommend incoporating a compnay? I need to have a merchant bank account to be able to charge online.
  4. J

    Where can I get HK company for cheap?

    Hi everyone, I have been following this forum for quite some time now, but now I am trying to start my business offshore and I decided to go with a HK company but the companies providing HK companies are having high prices and bad reviews online so I don't know where to go, please help I believe...
  5. M

    Offshore business bank account with Visanet

    Hello everyone, Does any one here have a clue about Visanet ? I'd like to open an Offshore business account and i want to be able to perform Visanet transaction. So if someone here has ever experienced working to that, Need more informations
  6. Toxigen

    Do you know " privato bank " ?

    Did you try this bank ? Is it reliable?
  7. O

    Best Bank Account Option for Hong Kong OffShore Company?

    Hello everybody, I'm having some trouble in opening a corporate bank account for my Hong Kong Company. Does anyone knows another good and reliable offshore country in which it's easy to open a offshore, 0% taxation, bank account? I sell products and services through ecommerce all over the...
  8. A

    Advice on offshore incorp. and bank account for US citizen

    Ive heard many offshore services aren't taking applications from US citizens because of uncle sam's crackdown. For a US citizen looking to sell digital goods and services and is flexible on how and where to setup a company (many freelancers in this boat and would be interested in this ), do you...
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