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Advice on offshore incorp. and bank account for US citizen



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Ive heard many offshore services aren't taking applications from US citizens because of uncle sam's crackdown. For a US citizen looking to sell digital goods and services and is flexible on how and where to setup a company (many freelancers in this boat and would be interested in this ), do you have advice on the best jurisdictions according to the following detail?

1. plan is to enter into a software contract with US client to make a product for client, but we also share IP so I can sell that product around world. (thus may want payment processing)
2. may hire EU or other non-us contractors to help execute
3. will have no home-base. traveling for a year to qualify for foreign income exclusion
4. amount of contract will be my income + subcontractor income (zero company profit)
5. Assume then company bank account needs good online banking, easy international wire transfer
6. wherever personal bank account is, need easy payroll deposit from company bank account, no foreign fees, etc

Its seems BVI and Belize (or does it matter if plan is zero profit?) for the company, but I am struggling with where to bank for both the company and personal


hannibal the cannibal
Where did you hear that many offshore agent's don't take on US citizens for the formation of a company? That's not true and you confusing it with offshore banking which is total different than just a company setup.

There is no problem at all to setup a offshore company in Seychelles, Belize, St.Kitts, Cyprus or anywhere else for a US citizen!

James Turner

Business Angel
Agree, there are no issues incorporating companies for US citizens. The only issue is that many banks will no longer deal with anyone connected to the US. There are still some options though.


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sorry for the confusion. yes I am talking about services that help open accounts in addition to helping form. I realize i posted this in wrong forum. :(


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For the formation you got already the answers, for the bank why don't you use a simple EMI like Transferwise? You are fine by being from US, and TW accepts companies from i.e. Seychelles with no problems. You are fully online, and can send the salaries to the personal bank accounts of all the contractors. Only limitation I see is the corporate card, but for that you can use something else and just set up a virtual one.
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