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  1. I

    HSBC Hong Kong

    We have had a corporate account with HSBC in Hong Kong for more than 10 years. In the past 2-3 years there has been an increase in yearly KYC reviews and occasional questioning on certain transactions. Its gotten to the point in the last 6 months where we can no longer send or receive payments...
  2. P

    bticoin services

    I've been working with bitcoin on my own for some time now but decided last year to incorporate my company to offer services in the space. It's been a hard journey but would love to share my experience and know about how you guys are making it. Clearly the legal & banking stuff is the hardest in...
  3. metronic

    Bank account for cyprus company

    Hey guys, i had a question about banking for a cyprus corporation. I am running a marketing/consulting business and i was wondering what banking options i have. I have a decent turnover if banks care about that. I read things about EMI but i wanted to see what normal banking options i have. My...
  4. M

    Question Looking for a way to withdraw from PayPal anonymously.

    Total newbie and civilian in anything financial but the forums topics interested me so here we go. If I was to set up a Pay Pal account is there any way to transfer money to a bank or an institution which would let me withdraw it to cash absolutely anonymously? Regular and local banks are all...
  5. Admin

    Electronic Money Institution

    An Electronic Money Institution is often confused with a bank. This article will discuss what an Electronic Money Institution is, its difference from a bank, and how it generally works. What is an Electronic Money Institution? An Electronic Money Institution is an establishment that supplies a...
  6. sonato

    What to tag bank transfer as so it won't get flagged?

    I wonder if banks are flagging account only if the number of transactions inbound increase or also outbound transactions? Furthermore what would make the bank less suspiciuos to TAG the transactions as to avoid troubles with the bank? Particular I think of the problems I read inside the mentor...
  7. mbhemming

    Intermediate step before completing corperate/banking structuring

    My situation -I have started a business and we are making 20K/month. The income will start next month. -The business is conducted solely through the internet and is a service business. A sales service. -I'm Canadian but left 1.5 years ago and filled out paperwork so that I've left Canada for tax...
  8. mbhemming

    Is it necessary to hire a consultant structuring corporations and bank accounts?

    My situation -I have started a business and we are making 20K/month. The income will start next month. -The business is conducted solely through the internet and is a service business. A sales service. -I'm Canadian but left 1.5 years ago and filled out paperwork so that I've left Canada for tax...
  9. mbhemming

    What bank should I choose?

    Hi, I have left my home country (Canada) about 1.5 years ago. When I left, my accountant said I need to cut ties to Canada. This includes the use of my bank account to conduct business. I recently started a business. Between me and my business partner, we will be making 20K USD per month...
  10. GiGoGo

    Coronavirus: Hong Kong to quarantine all arrivals from abroad

    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-51921515 Bad times for opening a bank account here or visiting the city for doing business. But definetly a good place to be after you pass the quarantine, the bars are open and no movement restrictions inside the territory. Also low infection rate...
  11. B

    Offshore company and bank account for doing business with EU companies

    I am individual from eastern europe which wants to open/buy offshore company with bank account so I can send invoices to companies(from my country and within EU) I currently work with but I'm not totaly sure which country to choose. So the currently I have a contract with my employee and I am...
  12. mnschwarz

    Choosing a RA based on banking connections

    Just a quick query, Would you choose your registered agent based on the banking connections / options they have available? Or would it suffice to simply use another introducer for the bank of choice? I'm looking at one RA but they only work with Mau Bank and Bank One in Mauritius. I'm not...
  13. H

    Your questions to a private banker

    Hey ladies and gentleman, I have been on this forum for a week and I really enjoy it. I wanted to make my contribution to this forum and I think I have a nice way to do it. But first ill do a brief explanation. For last 15 years I have been working as a private banker, during last 6 months I...
  14. R

    Delaware LLC with Maltese Bank Account?

    Hi Everyone, So much information here, I am more confused than previously! Wanted to ask if anyone had any experience of setting up an LLC in Delaware with more then 1 member? We have 10 and whilst the set up seems easy, the banking side of it isn't, seeing as you seem to now have to...
  15. A

    Advice on offshore incorp. and bank account for US citizen

    Ive heard many offshore services aren't taking applications from US citizens because of uncle sam's crackdown. For a US citizen looking to sell digital goods and services and is flexible on how and where to setup a company (many freelancers in this boat and would be interested in this ), do you...
  16. happyjohn

    Personal bank account in Cyprus and source of funds!

    I just got a feedback from one of the major banks in Cyprus for which I applied for a personal bank account because my agent told me it's possible. Now I'm a little lost here to what I have to do with the attached sheet I got from them. It is the source of wealth form, does someone know what...
  17. U

    Belize Corp, Need wisdom With Banking / Processing / EMI

    Hello guys! From my research, I ended up with very limited options. I have a belize corp with special docs. After a lot of research here is what I came up with: EMIs: -Advcash -All others (including mistertango) require video ID or don't work with belize. I need EMIs with no video verification...
  18. Dubsize

    bank internal docs

    Hi All, does anyone know if it's possible to find on the deep web or any other platform bank internal docs? if yes, anyone can share the way? thanks
  19. Dubsize

    Best EMI for money from Africa

    Hi All, recently my business got kicked out from a U.S bank because i received money from 45 different countries within 24 months. They did not like it at all, especially when money was coming from Africa. I was able to justify any transaction and show due diligence document on paying party...
  20. Dubsize


    Hi All, Just found out this company: PAA Capital Group. Seems like they're an EMI. they have a Licence in Botswana and in Czech Republic. They are receiving money on behalf of their client in pretty decent bank in Czech republic. Don't know about Botswana but of course would never trust this...
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