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  1. C

    Please help! UK LLP with a LTD or US LLC as a partner (legit business)

    Hi! I work as a freelance with tax residency in the Czech Republic (been there for over 7 years), but I am orignally from another EU member estate. I need to invoice to an Irish client for my IT consultancy services through a company in the EU or the UK. They do not accept a US LLC. I invoice...
  2. A

    Wise closing my business account need new EMI or bank

    Hi Guys, Wise closing my account with 400,000$ in it. Because of too high risk Now I need to get a new bank account where I can transfer the money from Wise to my new business account, as Wise was my only account ( I know big mistake) My previous activities were related to offshore gambling...
  3. A

    Idea to do 2 or 5k per month

    I've been hiding around these forums for a long time and I just joined you to simply ask you: an idea that helps can earn $2-5k/month I know it may seem stupid to ask someone how to make money, but I see that some people here make Several numbers a month, so it doesn't matter to give advice on...
  4. JohnLocke

    Banking Scams Going Further With the Growth of Offshore Opportunities

    Fraud and scam refer to the exact same thing, and unsurprisingly, they seem to target every segment or industry that seems to gain popularity. Unfortunately, a moment of inattention is more than enough to lose thousands, if not more. As if offshore banking isn’t seen with shady eyes already...
  5. O

    CRS Reporting Question with UAE residency and banking

    Hi, I just wanted to ask if I am a Canadian passport holder but have obtained UAE residency (with Emirates ID) and I apply to the bank and use my Emirates ID and provide a local UAE address will the bank still report my accounts to Canada? Thanks in advance.
  6. Wallester

    Mentor Group Gold - AD Thread! Wallester Business: Instant VISA Card Issuing for Your Business

    Looking for a card-issuing provider for your business? Wallester Business provides the perfect solution with its expense management platform, offering unlimited and instant VISA card issuing for various corporate expenses such as marketing, office supplies, and more. The best part is that...
  7. clemens

    Is there any bank in Costa Rica to open a bank account?

    I was wondering if there is any bank left to open an account with in Costa Rica for a regular e-com business? If possible I don't want to spend time to travel there but rather open remote.
  8. clemens

    What's the best neobank, please vote?

    I need more Neobanks to work with for my AG in Switzerland. Today I only use Wise, they have been less complicated to work with and didn't had any issues, but I get too much money there and need to split it. So please tell me which of the below are your favorit for deposits of max 50K Euro each.
  9. L

    Newbie Company setup Inquiry

    Hi, I'm very new at this...here is my initial plan St. Vincent Company setup (holding company) - need banking options US LLC (trading (marketing)) - banking options Wise or ??? Thank you for any thoughts, options, red flags - they're all appreciated!
  10. P

    SMMA best 0 tax country.

    Hey everyone, I am from belgium and want to start an smma to help beauty salons get clients. What would be the best place to incorporate for this? Would prefer to have clients both in the US and EU. What would be a great place? payment processors for automatic monthly billing are prefered? Some...
  11. lory

    Wise charge 55 EUR for business account opening!

    I just created a new Wise business account, in the past they never charged for it, now they charge 55 EUR for the account opening. Is that also for personal accounts?
  12. B

    How to setup anonymous company offshore?

    I know all the methods in mentor group gold already. Brilliant solutions for most of what I have been in need of. What I'm out for is to find a legitimated setup where I can stay off any records and still receive payments to an EMI or bank account.
  13. S

    Hong Kong bank account for a company

    I'm looking to open a bank account for a Hong Kong company and wondering what the process is. I'm ok with traveling to Hong Kong if it helps and it's possible. Can anyone recommend some banks or services please? Thanks
  14. ashkoba

    Regulatory possibility of fiat lending from crypto collateral

    Some crypto investors I know have been discussing a startup company whose unique selling proposition was originally to provide short term loans collateralised by longer term cryptocurrency deposits. Their business plan is considered technically, economically and mathematically well-designed but...
  15. JohnLocke

    Bermuda Offshore Banking Explained – Pros, Cons, and a Few Instructions

    Bermuda is one of the traditional offshore destinations for those looking to diversify their assets or optimize tax. Over the past decade, the offshore industry has been, indeed, affected by numerous leaks that have made it even more difficult for entrepreneurs to go abroad. While some...
  16. JohnLocke

    Opening A Bank Account In Mauritius – Requirements, Rules, Remote & Face To Face Banking

    Offshore banking comes with pros and cons, depending on where you come from, what jurisdiction you choose and what your goals are. There are plenty of attractive options out there, and tax havens often lead the charts because they cater to foreigners. Now, compared to other concepts related to...
  17. F

    What would you do? Leaving Canada to live abroad.

    Greetings, I am a recent retiree that is lucky enough to have retired relatively young, with a decent pension (atm) and I have also accumulated just under a million in assets which i can easily liquify. As i look at my home country spending itself deep into debt (ala Argentina), governments...
  18. JohnLocke

    What Makes Wise Stand Out – Wise Review, Highlights, Pluses & Minuses

    Wise was originally launched in 2011. It had a different name back then, but it got rebranded in 2022. The purpose of this service? Making international payments a breeze. Basically, the goal was to make transfers almost instant – compared to banks, which normally take a few days. Another goal...
  19. T

    Private banking management fees?

    Hey guys, I am looking to open a private bank account, BUT hopefully one with low or even 0 management fees, am I crazy for expecting that? I am used to having multiple "premium" bank accounts around the world holding 6 figures for example, but now want to open 1 "main" account. The problem is...
  20. T

    Epayments is back

    Hi guys ! after almost 2 years, Epayments is back. I have received an e-mail confirming they are resuming operation. this AM, I connected to their website and it was working. could not get to their 'payment & and transfer' and 'receive' section but the rest was functioning. after being...