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Idea to do 2 or 5k per month


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Jul 24, 2023
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I've been hiding around these forums for a long time and I just joined you to simply ask you: an idea that helps can earn $2-5k/month

I know it may seem stupid to ask someone how to make money, but I see that some people here make Several numbers a month, so it doesn't matter to give advice on small business ideas... could be the sale Replicas of sneakersor I don't know how to sell replicas... just anything
Or those who have business or they no longer have time to maintain I'm interested

I had to pay for my studies myself I had to start in October but I had complications at the levels of the embassy which but asks for a blocked account with 8k

That's what's huge for me I just turned 18

I have set a goal in January

I would like to have some advice

I already have an LTD UK I just finished my Shopify site but I have a small problem with advertising

I was going but launch on Shopify but I don't know why they refused my bank so I'm blocked there (Iban from the payonner)

I have a vast presence in everything that is computer internet etc even if I have no code and I learn easily too

Here is my telegram: @ZZCMT
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There is a solution. However, it might take a while until you either find an existing deal or negotiate one. Here is the way:

1. Find a brand new marketing agency (preferably, with a low count of clients);
2. Negotiate a deal with them - you will gladly become their first (or one of the first) client if they can offer you a free-trial deal for a month. Meaning, they cover all the ad-spend for the free-trial period. However, if the results after the month are positive (you gain profit), you're willing to pay them a certain amount (negotiate this part, as well) as a recurring, monthly fee. Or, you can offer them a certain percentage of all the sales you make from the conversions they have generated.

Trust me, this is real. And I'm actually giving you this information from personal experience.

And you know what's the main benefit of this? If the startup agency is confident in its ability to generate leads / sales, and the people behind the agency know what they are doing - most of the time, they will agree to work with you. In any other case, especially, if they are completely new to the field of marketing, and start pressuring you into paying right away - leave, and don't bother.

Important - make sure you're reaching out to the NEW agencies. Not the ones that are already generating millions for their clients. You need to reach out to the agencies that are just starting, just taking-off, because most of them barely have any clients, because it's hard to find any without a good portfolio.

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