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  1. S

    Question after failure to get a payment processor for USA LLC looking for another option to choose where to form my Dropshipping company?

    so for the last 4 months, i have tried every payment processor in the USA like stripe, Paypal, 2checkout, and shopify payments to get hold of a payment processor account most of them labeled my dropshipping business as high risk and won't give me an account unless I have a utility bill in the...
  2. Bingim

    How do I open an Offshore bank account being a EU resident?

    Hello, I do really need help on opening an offshore bank account. I am currently selling on Shopify through my Lithuanian bank account and paying taxes (around 51%) so and offshore bank account would definitely help me in lowing these taxes (or minimizing them to 0). Are there anyone who could...
  3. P

    Ebay Offshore No Tax

    I recently ventured in to Ebay doing around 11k a month. I'm planning to created a Offshore entity with ownership of the Ebay business account. The issue is I'm selling physical products, any suggestions on the type of methods I could use to avoid paying tax as an LTD. (Based in the UK)
  4. T

    Company formation UK tier 4 visa

    I am an Indian citizen and would like to form a company for the purpose of handling payments for a print on demand store. I am currently in the UK on a tier 4visa and hence cannot conduct business / form a company myself. Which country would be the best to form such a company in? I would like to...
  5. D

    On line software business

    Im looking to avoid paying taxes... Where do you recommend incoporating a compnay? I need to have a merchant bank account to be able to charge online.
  6. V

    Offshore + ecommerce

    Hi. Your forum is georgous. But ther is so many subjects and situations. each brings me lot of questions ! I sell virtual goods(no high risk, but not really legit). My custumers pay with credit card (or paypal). I live in France. With the gains of this site, i just want buy bitcoin (no need...
Offshore Bank Accounts