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  1. L

    PSP requires processing history for HK Ltd

    Hello, I am in E-Commerce and since 6 months i own a HK Ltd. Before I went to HK I processed around 500k$ a month with a EU entity. Because i totally underestimated the PSP & Banking hassle with „start up“ offshore company‘s, we didn’t manage it until today to get back to this revenue level...
  2. J

    EUROPAY.CZ. Is it reliable and trustworthy?

    Dear Gurus. Have you ever heard about EUROPAY.CZ. it is based in Czech republic, Is it reliable? trust worthy. Or we could be stuck there with first transfer? Thanks
  3. T

    Need a Payment Solution -Starting "Adult" Business

    Hello everyone, I'm going into business for myself, within the Adult sector. Basically, I'm selling my used items (briefs etc...) and I need a payment processor + anonymity (anonymity from clients). Was thinking about: Leupay (looks good because of the bank account but I've seen mixed...
  4. Ardillon

    Does someone know signifyd.com

    I discovered this chargeback protection antifraud company today and was considering them once I have found a credit card processor for my needs? If you know about them, please post here I'm really interested in learning more.
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