EUROPAY.CZ. Is it reliable and trustworthy?

Discussion in 'Business Discussion' started by james David, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. james David

    james David Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Dear Gurus.

    Have you ever heard about EUROPAY.CZ. it is based in Czech republic,

    Is it reliable? trust worthy. Or we could be stuck there with first transfer?

  2. void

    void Trusted Member Business Angel

  3. james David

    james David Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Enrich me please, how to check if they are reliable? what risks according to your experience?
  4. Banker89

    Banker89 Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I have worked with them in my past job and didn't have any problems.
  5. KJK

    KJK Building Trust Entrepreneur

    What type of business do they actually deal with? I don't get it. Adult? I only found they have payment terminals or cash machines in some country.
  6. Banker89

    Banker89 Building Trust Entrepreneur

    They do IBAN accounts for all kinds of high risk businesses like crypto, adult etc
  7. bullhorn offshore

    bullhorn offshore New Member

    In my opinion, SWIFT payments are very slow. 4-5 day.
    only the Euro, GPB, Francs, Yuan, Ruble
    It is necessary to get acquainted with the tariffs. Some positions are very expensive.
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  8. David97255

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    Very very expensive, don't know them but with those tariffs, i m not close to know them
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  9. Michael Arris

    Michael Arris New Member

    Very expensive and they do banking through Azerbaijan!!!!!! I have heard really bad reviews on this, plus the money is not protected up to 100 000 euros at all, if they "close-their-shop" then you will never see your money ever again!!!! My friend closed his account and was very unhappy with this whole experience! Watch out. If you need IBAN solution then Paysera is better option.
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  10. bullhorn offshore

    bullhorn offshore New Member

    I don't want to advertise to anyone.
    The IBAN have their own and not from a third party Bank.
    And SWIFT code, too, its.
    They do have a correspondent account in Azerbaijan.
    I have one account there working for the Scottish LP. If it wasn't so slowly paced payments, you can work.
    I even get paid from Taiwan.
    As soon as I find something better, I'll close the account. But the Scottish or the Canadian LP is very hard somewhere something to open.
  11. Admin

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    Well, the past has shown that new payment processors that take on high risk business as well as business that the majority of payment processors refuse sooner or later disappear with or without merchants money!

    So be aware of it and take care when using a payment processor like the mentioned above!
  12. Michael Arris

    Michael Arris New Member

    Yes, they have their own SWIFT code, but that's means nothing really useful. Except when you need to have your company name on the invoice. The banking processing what they do through Azerbaijan is very dangerous because they can dissapear with your money very easily and that is what you should be careful about. And they are not insured (banks and some payment alternative-banks are insured by government, so even if something goes wrong, the central bank will give you your money back from their sources automatically and this is great protection what you need).
  13. Michael Arris

    Michael Arris New Member

    exactly this is the problem when they are not insured by the goverment system like i said above. All banks and some alternative-banks and payment accounts are insured but this is not the case when they do banking through Azerbaijan ,thats not a good choice
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  14. bullhorn offshore

    bullhorn offshore New Member

    You are right, there is a risk.
    You can not keep money in one purse. But as I said, now is a very difficult time for shell companies.
    The owner of this PI has a bank in Santa Lucia, MSO in Hong Kong and PI in Lithuania.
    I hope that he will not close his entire business in one day. For me it will be a loss.
    Caution is never superfluous.