EUROPAY.CZ. Is it reliable and trustworthy?

EP comp

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Dear Fred, I can't agree on above-said for these reasons:
1. This letter was personally sent to every client so if you didn't receive it then you just wouldn't know about it in the first place. So said pressure couldn't take place.
2. Transfer of said amount can not take 5 days or even 1 day because we did it internally instantly.
3. Hongong is active and it's clear even from the message you quoted above.
4. Usual price for opening is 500-950 euro + we open account first and only after a client pays only after he gets full access and bank details. So if a client is not happy with our service he just doesn't pay. So if you paid then you were satisfied by pur service? As to the price of 3950 euro, probably your business is higrisk. But again, if you paid then you were satiffied.
5.Write me a letter to [email protected] and tell me your company name and I ll show you within few minutes that your account is active and its balance fully topped up.


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@EP comp

Now you are starting talking bullshit and your reputation shrink.

We paid you after we received the first transfer.
As already mentioned before we received one transfer with you and the second transfer is now stuck with you since 10 business days.
With the first transfer everything was ok and that's the reason we paid you the account opening fee.
You really think we are satisfied with paying 3950 EUR for receiving one transfer, come on?

You react typically with russian mentality - the customer is always wrong!

Once again only for you specialist:

The second transfer was made to the EUROPAY SRO account and didn't arrived since 21.10.2019.

We started asking if you received the transfer on 25.10.2019 and you said that the amount is on the transit account.

Since them we only received an e-mail about Hong Kong account opening!

After big pressure we did to you you started answering here!

Please stop talking bullshit and see the official e-mails from your compliance department:

All European accounts are closed, this is not the only case. We closed accounts in CZ due to the transition to the UK. In the worst case scenario, we will credit the money on 08.11.2019. But we will do our best to make this happen earlier

Best regards,
Chief of Compliance Department
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Zitna 1578/52, Praha 2-Nove Mesto, CZ

The second transfer is in this moment neither on the CZ EUROPAY SRO account or on the HK STERLING PAYMENT SERVICES LIMITED account.


In the worst case scenario the payment delayed 3 WEEKS and for such a service we paid 3950 EUR and you really think we are satisfied?! Come on. Don't make it worser as it already is.

Before start talking bullshit you should explain here to everyone where the client money is and why it take so long to credit the money to the HK payment system.


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No update or feedback of @EP comp ns2

The money is still disappear.

If you really care about your customer make a refund of the 3950 EUR account opening fee and credit us the incoming transfer we are waiting since more then 10 business days for.
Do NOT use No license. Cloned websites with a sterling Russia site, a U.K Site... the site the connections to Hong Kong the owner of 'Sterling' Viacheslav Chariev won't even complete his linked in profile. (common practice and thought.. if you have a business you're proud of you advertise it, he won't. ) This is a nasty mess with what looks to be a fair amount of suspect activities.