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  1. J

    Georgia EMI license obtaining

    Hello everyone. I am working in financial/crypto licensing mostly in EU. Can anyone comment on the Georgia EMI license obtaining? And can it be used for international clients? A lot of things are heard, like it`s possible to incorporate in any Free Zone and obtain EMI license to service...
  2. lrotter

    PSP FOR Crypto exchange website

    Hello members! Looking fir good card payment accepting providers (PSPs) for the platform of the licensed crypto exchange. Basically, need adequate % and rolling reserve, easy integration and trusted solution. Exchange is fully licensed, Estonian, AML at place, as well as life-time verification...
  3. lrotter

    PSP for low risk needed

    Hello Community! Trust everyone is safe and sound these crazy days. I need your advice regarding PSP for low risk company. The business is company formation and all corporate documents related services, promoted via website. UK company, selling incorporation in UK, EU, HK and 2-3 offshore...
  4. R

    Looking for PSP for Nutra industry.

    Hello everyone, Does anyone knows any PSP providers that onboard clients from Nutra industry for cc processing? I have been trying to find one unsuccessfully for quite a while now. Any information would be highly appreciated. Thanks guys!
  5. lrotter

    Looking for loyal PSPs

    Hello Members! Currently we are looking for PSP services. We are assisting high risk business (forex, crypto and gaming) registered in offshore and Europe (UK, Estonia, Malta and several more). Does anyone know providers that on board such type of clients? We know it's now mostly Africa, Mexico...
  6. L

    credit payments acceptance with dummy website. Consequences?

    I want to accept CreditCard payments for my business. The business is considered high risk and so I'm not accepted by the majority of of psps. I want to send a payment link via email once people ordered from my website and used the CC method during the checkout process. This will be done...
  7. A

    Bank requesting invoices for PSP payouts

    Hi! I’ve opened a couple of corporate bank accounts (not EMI, real banks) for my LLC (outside EEA or USA), but once i started receiving payments from 2checkout and other credit card processing providers, these banks started to spit and shout, requesting invoices and explanations for these...
  8. MrTony

    PSP/EMI which provides acceptance C2B

    Looking for PSP/EMI, which provides a possibility to accept funds from clients to the corporate account.
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