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  1. B

    Dubai Retirement Visa - anyone with experince?

    I'm an EU citizen, looking to relocate to a suitable jurisduction with no capital gains or dividend taxes (my main sources of income are stock trading and dividends). As far as I can see these would not be taxed in UAE. I have been looking at various options to acquire a residency visa and it...
  2. JohnLocke

    How to Protect Your Retirement Money With an Offshore IRA LLC

    While saving for retirement is the norm, the truth is more and more people turn to diversify their assets in order to avoid depending on the government. After all, by the retirement age, there is not much you can do to get back on track, so you truly depend on a bunch of rich individuals. If...
  3. J

    Visa for Dubai for someone aged 65+

    What is "the best" visa option for someone aged 65+? It seems as retirement age is 65 in UAE a visa for working for own company might not be granted per default, costs extra and for sure involves other hoops to jump thru. Work visa age limit in Dubai: Labour law, retirement & more - MyBayut...
  4. B

    People that actually retired with mid-high sum of money, what do you do all day?

    People here that managed to accumulate significant sum (3-4 m$) and can now live on the interest from that money. What do you do all day? Many people here create businesses and live stressful lives now because they hope to one day retire. want to hear what on the other side.