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shelf company

  1. L

    A reputable offshore shelf company provider

    Hello gentlemen, Could you suggest to me a fine offshore shelf company provider? We do not need to open a bank account. Its primary role is to transfer Intellectual Property. So probably any country would suffice for that as I understand.
  2. A

    Question Risks of using a Shelf company

    I'm speaking to a firm in Cyprus to help me get set up there. They said they have a set of new shelf companies ready for use. I'm wondering what risks are involved in buying a shelf company? Could it have debts that I would be liable for? Is there any way to check this?
  3. bizman

    Urgent need of an offshore company - ready-made with bank

    I'm urgently need a ready-made offshore company, Seychelles, Belize, BVI, Cyprus, UK, Romanian Micro Company it doesn't matter. It must be 1 year old and it must have all papers in place. I prefer EMI already registered for the company not personal account. Someone can do it?
  4. carlosbl

    3-4 years old company in Benelux

    Hi to all I am writing to you because a trusted client of mine is looking for a company in the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg. Incorporating a new one is not a valid solution, it has to be a 3-4 year old company. It would be very interesting if it were a company in the food distribution...
  5. carlosbl

    Shelf company in Panama + bank account

    Hi, I would need a shelf company in Panama (incorporated at least in 2020) with bank account. Any suggestions where to find a reliable one at a good price? Thanks in advance.
  6. Tas Aki

    How/Where to sell a Cyprus company?

    Does anyone know where or how I can sell my Cyprus company (cy citizen)? I have been operating this for the past 10 years but I am now creating a new venture so I don't need to keep the company anymore. Thanks.
  7. Wize

    Belize IBC Shelf Company

    I am looking for a Shelf company from around 2014. I see that International Corporate Service Ltd (www.offshorebelize.com) offers this. Has anyone used them before? Please let me know what your experience was? They are listed on BIFSA : -- International Corporate Services Ltd. | BIFSA...
  8. Teamplayer

    How fast Can an Offshore Corp and bank be Opened realistically?

    Hello i provide consultancy services and looking into was to have a separate legal entity for myself. In the form of a corporation with undisclosed directors and with a business bank account . preferably in an English speaking country. what would be the Best countries to look into ? Can this...
  9. E

    Mexican shelf company for sale?

    At least 3 years, zero activity, zero debts, does not owe taxes. Having bank account is preferred. Ready to buy!
  10. E

    Looking to buy an aged Mexican company

    Hello, I m interested in buying a shelf mexMexi company with: - 3 years old - no invoices issued - clean history as far as debts and no criminal issues or law suits. - With bank account. Thanks
  11. JohnLocke

    General Information about Ready-Made Offshore Companies

    This is a company or corporation that is inert and carries no active functions. The shelf company that has had no activities can then be sold to person(s) who have the interest in it and do not want to go through the procedures of starting a new company. Usually there are numerous reasons and...