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Belize IBC Shelf Company


New member
I am looking for a Shelf company from around 2014.
I see that International Corporate Service Ltd (www.offshorebelize.com) offers this.

Has anyone used them before? Please let me know what your experience was?

They are listed on
BIFSA : -- International Corporate Services Ltd. | BIFSA
Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry --https://www.belize.org/item/internationalcorporateserviceslimited/

Can I rely on this that they are legit?

I need the company for contract purposes and not tax purposes.


Active Member
Not quite what you asked, but i received below letter from one of service providers few days ago. I think it's important for everyone who's looking for Belize IBC

Towards the end of 2018, the Government of Belize passed a vital piece of legislation that directly affects the International Financial Services industry in Belize. In an effort to follow through on its commitment to the OECD regarding implementation of the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting action plan, Belize passed the International Business Companies (Amendment) Act, No., 24 of 2018. This amendment essentially removes the ring fencing feature of the IBC and brings IBCs into the Belize domestic tax regime. General amendments include:

1. Belize IBCs are now allowed to do business with Belize residents, own land in Belize, hold shares in Belize domestic companies and can be owned by Belize residents;

2. Belize IBCs are now within Belize’s domestic tax regime, subject to physical presence and tax residency status; the rate of tax under the domestic tax regime is tied to the type of income;

3. Physical presence and tax residency in Belize is optional, contingent upon evidence of economic substance elsewhere (except for IFSC licensed companies which must be physically present and tax resident in Belize), and physical presence requirements in Belize may be achieved via a managing agent;

4. Grandfathering provisions up to 30th June, 2021.

Since the amendments go beyond the corporate structure of the IBC and now bring these companies within the scope of our tax regime, we have been drafting guidance papers to avoid misinformation by providing a clear and concise summary of the new regime. As a valued client of ours, we are now pleased to provide to you our guidance papers addressing the IBC (Amendment) Act, No. 24 of 2018. Kindly find attached for your reference and perusal. The guidance papers (FIBS_Moore Stephens – Belize IBC Regime 2019) include flow charts for both intellectual property and non-intellectual property regimes as well as a tax summary and tax rate schedule that is now applicable to IBCs.



New member
So when my Belize IBC was incorporated in 2018 I have to pay tax from now on or only from 2021 on?

Honestly people are opening an offshore corp bc they dont want to deal with this kind of shit. I think these changes will hurt Belize financial service sector big time. God I cant describe how I hate the god damn EU - destroying business world wide - socialist piece of shit EU

Mr Magoo

Active Member
yes if your IBC was incorporated before 16 october 2017 the taxes kick in after 30 june 2021. Else the taxes are as of Jan 1st 2019 as I read it. Anyone know what tax rate this will be then?
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