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  1. S

    Taxes, presentations and annual costs for an LLC in New Mexico by a foreign no resident

    Good morning, to the community, I hope those who already have experience clarify this issue, I have created an LLC in New Mexico as a non-resident foreigner, and I want to know when to make tax presentations, and what taxes I would have to pay, my activity is The sale of digital services in the...
  2. E

    Why PayPal/Stripe close/shut your account?

    hi guys, I hope all is well! For a person just started I would like to know, I was wondering what are the reasons that your PayPal or Stripe been shut down based on your experience or insights on this? It's never been an enjoyable experience to have to deal with that as I have seen people...
  3. E

    UK Stripe with UK LTD in non-supported country.

    Hi guys, I am currently living in a country in which Stripe does not support payment processing after I did the research I've set up a UK limited company for my store and a business registered address that can help scan and email forwarding the documents sent from the government. And now I am...
  4. lostguy

    Stripe merchant account what company type?

    I want to know what company I have to register or open to apply for a stripe merchant account? Do you have any idea what their requirements are? I don't want a Delaware company if I can avoid it, it's to much trouble to maintain and costly as well.
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