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  1. E

    Best Jurisdiction for An Offshore Investment Fund

    I have been running an unincorporated fund for over two years. -We traded large volumes of Fx at institutional brokers with MAM accounts. -My clients are globally based. Mainly in the EU, South East Asia and Aus region -We are slowly exploring crypto trading. We've tried trading at Binance...
  2. JohnLocke

    How to Make Your Delaware Company Tax Free – Full Guide, Tips & Tricks

    Incorporating in the USA seems like a bad idea at a first glance. Most entrepreneurs would rather focus on low tax jurisdictions – in fact, if you play your cards right, you might be able to avoid tax at all, without even breaking the law. However, the USA does have some advantages and some...
  3. uplana

    Offshore company with substance to avoid taxation in the UK!

    I have looked a bit at the rules that are in the UK and seen that it is easy to get a VISA today, costs around £ 655 for 5 years and there are only a few conditions that I can meet without any problems. The rule is also that if you as a foreigner come and settle in England but get the money...
  4. 1

    Do banks in 0% tax countries ask about source of funds?

    Is getting residency in 0% tax country like Bermuda and opening a bank account to send/cash out untracked crypto earnings saves you from providing proof of source of funds?